Classroom Teddy

Going through my photos in my attempt to clean up my hard drive, I found this little number that I’ve never posted. To those with at least a school age child… Has your child ever been given a class teddy to take home over the weekend or a school holiday? When Jovie was in reception, kindergarten in the US, her teacher asked her to bring Spud home for the week. For a 4-years-old (UK children starts school the year they turn five. Jove’s a June baby so she started full-time school just a few months after her fourth birthday) this

PL Week 1

Whoohoo! Go my cover page/week one done! Now I am working on week two! I have a lot of scrapbooking to do but I am very much organized in terms of keeping track of all the day-to-day highlights/happenings up to day 12! I haven’t been like this in ages — since I didn’t have a job anymore basically — and it’s quite comforting! For my PL, I don’t want to necessarily document every single thing we did everyday. I want to highlight what we/I did or thought of that week. So for my week one, I added two sewing photos,

My Project Life Organizer

I think, for any hobbyist, the biggest challenge of collecting and gathering tools and supplies is storage. Most people prefer to have all their things organized in a certain way and many people look high and low for the perfect space/storage compartment to house all their goodies. I’m new to Project Life. I did start, well kind of start, last year. But it only went as far as buying. The actually working it was almost non-existent. I didn’t decide to do it until the second week of January and by the time I got supplies in, it was the end

Project Life 2014 – Tools and Freebies

Anybody working on a Project Life album this year? I am!! I downloaded the Photo 365 app on my iPhone and HOPEFULLY by doing this, I can photograph and/or write about each day of 2014! I will also use InstaWeather’s photo feature to document the current day’s weather (only if I think it’s significant, e.g. first day of snow, super sunny day, extreme wind). I was a bit rubbish last year but it was mostly due to not starting at the beginning AND not having anything in stock. I know, I know, not an excuse to not finish but that’s

Prepping for Christmas

Hello hello!! I know it’s October BUT, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re a crafter, it’s time to start creating!! This Christmas I was to be a bit more motivated with our house decor. I want to keep it simple but I want to add more photos and craft goodness to our home. Even though I am a photographer, I have only one or two photos displayed and even then, they are a few years old AND no Jovie! Yikes, right?! Since both girls are in school, I hope to have more time to go through with

Little ‘Tude

  I live with a Miss Sassy Pants. I have no idea where she got her attitude from although both hubby and M said she got it from me {*ROLL EYES*}. This morning Jovie was messing around too much, playing with her dolly mostly, and every so many minutes I’d say, “Jovie, are you dressed for school yet?” And the answer I got was, “No, not yet!” So finally, 20 minutes before we had to go I said, “Jovie, do you need help putting your clothes on?” And her answer (with a lot of attitude), “Oh mommy, don’t be so