Help Me Decide!

On a bed and breakfast in France!! I have Chardon Room and Buttercup/Autumn Leaf to choose from. There are no reviews on them but they all look good, three (French) stars, and breakfast included in the price. I am having a hard time because, I’m not sure which way we’re driving back. We need to catch a ferry in Dunkirk, France, I haven’t purchase yet but aiming for 4p (with a 3:30p check-in). From the Chardon we can go via the French highway, which is paid toll, and will cost around 22 Euros + 4 hrs, or through Belgium which

Want Consignment Store!

One of my friend told me that I could afford new clothes. Why go to a consignment store she asked. It’s really not about whether I can afford it or not but it’s all about reusing and recycling. Plus, if you go to a nice store a lot of the stuff in there are not only brand names but also almost new (or new, with price tags and all)! I miiiiiiiissss going to one! When I did go I’d spend $50-$100 and leave with what it could have been a few hundred dollars of almost new brand name clothes. LOVED

Happy Happy Wednesday!!

Hi again peeps! I hope it’s a happy Wednesday for you! I can’t believe it’s mid-week already!! We’ve had a very busy and important morning and I can’t wait until tomorrow! It’s  the start of WPlus9’s countdown. Awesome awesome stamps I tell you! If you liked Mehndi (I used it on the above card) you’ll LOVE the new releases!! Not only are they gorgeous, they are also very versatile. Friday I have a few fun announcements. I can’t wait to share them with you!! Ok, that’s it for now. I want to make it sweet and short. Too many things

Sweet Saturday

I’m not sure if I’ll get sick of it after awhile but right now I am loving the UK rain. It’s not violent like in Missouri — I don’t have to ask hubby every other minute if it’s tornadic outside — but just the usual soft sound of rain. It’s lovely and it actually reminds me of the time in Indonesia. I’m not a fan of heat and the rain always bring coolness. Also it’s so dusty where I was from and the rain calms those dust down a bit. On weekends I’d just sit around and read and that

Celebrate Today

Today was a great day… actually this week should be a great week because: I have everybody here with me, no school for M and off work for hubby I got a lot of projects done I got invited to do something super fun — still a secret {::SMILES} We did all the dishes (BIG deal for me!!) We had a yummy salmon dinner, no head! Here’s one project I did today. I used 2S4Y’s sketch for this card. I was going through some die-cuts and found this butterfly. I think I prefer it a bit bigger but it’s pretty

Market Saturday

I look forward to Saturdays. Saturdays is market day and today we went to the Bury St. Edmunds market. I think this is my favorite market. It’s bigger than the other one we’ve been going to, Ely, and if you’re there in the later part of the afternoon some of the stalls sound like auction sites. The men would be screaming out bargains. Two for two they’d say or whatever’s in the bucket is a pound. These are our loot from today: I think this was about £12 of goodies. The bread there is DELICIOUS!! It’s almost 10 p.m. here