Busy Busy…

Just a few days before the trip and I have a list of last minute stuff. Since it’s just the girls and I there’s nobody else to rely on but me, myself, and I in terms of what to bring… or what makes it to the car. I have to remember to bring the important stuff and not be like our California trip where I left my camera on the kitchen counter. AURGH!!! That was the worst photographic trip ever!! Also, even though a drive to hubby’s family in Mississippi is a lot longer than our we’ll be passing through

M’s First Day

Yesterday was Emma’s first day back at school. Year 2 or 1st grade!!! She looked so grown up walking to school… short but grown up! It felt a bit quiet around the house after she left but it was nice. I could go back to tidying the house while Jovie’s napping and have it be nice for a few minutes at least. It was zen-like too to not have anybody going: Mom, mom, mom, mom, can I, I can I, can I, pleeeeeeeeeeease… Ahhhhh, love and duct tape!! I’ve also been doing last minute prepping before my “big” drive to

Today’s the Day

For you to get yourself a WPlus9 Ever After stamp set and for me to get a Chip and PIN (EMV) bank card!!! Yes, I am going to be like the Western Europeans and a lot of other countries (some Asians too I think… not sure about African countries and E. Europe) and no swipe and sign when using my debit/credit card. Half the time it’s been a stinkin’ hassle keeping our American bank card. How does one use this chip card? You use a chip card like you’d use your credit/debit card at an ATM station, the machines that

Fun Sunday

At least I hope it’ll be. The girls and I are planning on going to IKEA and a beach nearby it. Then on the way back we’re going to drive through the town where the summer 2012 Olympics will be. I dunno, just curious I guess. So, hopefully the weather will be decent and we can all have a nice shopping + outdoorsy time. Here’s my day two of WPlus9’s Sept. release countdown project: A fun card AND I colored!!!! I used water pencil, Prismacolor, for the coloring and SU’s blending pen. I dunno about you pro colorers but I

Cute as a Bee

It’s a weekend again, YEA!!!!!! We’re not sure what we’ll be doing but for sure I have a little card created using this week’s new sketch from Waltzingmouse aka the Mischief Makers, sketch #12. It’s a bit busy BUT, wouldn’t a little four-yr-old love this little number? Here’s a close-up of the card: I used Tim Holtz embossing folder again. I really LOVE!! Then I tied two seam bindings together into a pretty bow. These seam binding were normal ones that I scrunched up. My camcorder is in the mail somewhere. After I get it I’ll share with you how

I Am Printing

Again. After all the problems with my printers – my laser b/w died and the ink situation with the Canon Pixma – I went ahead and ordered a color… or colour… laser printer from Amazon. For more less £145 I got a Samsung CLP-315W (wireless, the none wireless is £10 less) and it’s nice. I don’t know how many prints the cartridge that comes with the package goes up to but a new one can print 1000 color prints (b/w at 1500) it said (£115 for new toners). I’ve always had a laser printer but this is my first color