Hello and Goodbyes

Goodbyes are rarely easy, doesn’t matter if they’re with friends, families, co-workers, or jobs (it was even tough parting with my work’s Mac Tower and 30″ monitor!). I’ve had a few goodbyes in this life, especially lately because of hubby’s job, but we all know that if we really want to one day we’ll meet again. Although starting something new is exciting it can be tough at times to quit what you have so that you can start that new thing. Today I sent in two emails. Both were resignation emails. One to Sweet Shoppe and another to the DigiChick.

On Settling

As a military family we think about where we’ll be next. If I can have it my way I’d love it if we stay overseas until hubby’s done with the military. Then after that I hope to secure a job outside the U.S. and travel some more. Although I’d be happy retiring outside the U.S. hubby would rather go back so that he can be closer to his good friends (he’s also not too crazy about European taxes). I love America but I feel like there are still so many places to see out there, old and ancient places especially.

The Perfect Pair

After a long blog break it takes me a while to get back into it and into project making. But, being a part of a few teams (they make me feel like I’m not totally unemployed, ha!) have been useful in terms of motivation. So today I am participating in the Perfect Pair Blog Hop and on this post I will be showcasing Creative Cuts and More‘s fun die-cuts, the Apron Pocket and Self Closing Box, and Clear and Simple Stamps‘ Christmas set called Cookie Bake. There are two prizes to be won and IF you came to this post via

Sept 11th

Today I have a card using the new Waltzingmouse sketch. It’s a simple one and this is my interpretation of it. As for the title… even though my spiritual believes don’t put a lot of weight on the body and what happens to it after the soul has left it I respect what an individual has done in his/her lifetime. Granted that we weren’t in NY it was still something we thought about when we were visiting the largest European American cemetery: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery on Sept. 11th. Here are some pictures from that day. Since hubby was at school

Driving to Germany

Hi! Another color cue: Yellow, scarlet, green, and white, from WPlus9 and my to-Germany/Euro driving tips for those wishing to drive with children and/or as a single adult/mom. Tip 1: If you are planning a trip around this part of the world do book early. You do get the best price if you book early. For example our ferry ticket was £12.50 one way three weeks ago but if you purchase it a few days before the trip, it can go up to £25! This is the same with train tickets. Every other day (at least it seemed like it)

I Am Baaack!

We ALL back home and had a wonderful time visiting friends, sight-seeing, and of course getting the hubby. The trip had a lot of stories which I will share later. Right now, I just want to post this because this was Saturday’s Waltzingmouse’s sketch that I couldn’t make live Saturday due to no Internet and I never did set it up before I left or in Germany when we were visiting our friends. You’d think that being on vacation would give one plenty of energy but not for me. I was pooped!! My friend pooped us all out! Here’s just