Hello 2013!!

2012 went by way too fast! It was a fabulous year for us and while I am not always right, I feel it in my bones that 2013 will be as wonderful! I hope your 2012 wasn’t so bad and that 2013 will bring you all many many opportunities, great health and happiness!! I am not sure why. Maybe because there will be many big milestones for the girls. Or maybe because I am hoping to actually do some work this year. But I am a bit giddy about this year!! I feel like many great things will come our

Day 3: Spring Post & Postmarked

Hi again! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! Yesterday M went to her guitar lesson. Third one. And after the session her teacher told me that he couldn’t believe she just started. She’s got five or six cords memorized and can move around decently well and fairly quickly. She’s no Mozart on the guitar but I’m just so proud of her for working at it with me. She was so frustrated after her first lesson and we talked. Yesterday when were walking home I pointed out how she’s having more fun, how easier to follow her teacher too, at guitar

M’s Invite + RSVP Page

Been very busy here! Wanted to blog yesterday but got too sleepy after staying up until 5 a.m. Sunday night to do last minute prepping for my online class and getting M’s invite and rsvp page ready to go. Tomorrow she’ll be handing out the invites I made her to her classmates. The above was what I created. I was going to do something very simple but this digital card, Daisy Jane (lovely and vintage!!) by Carina Gardner caught my eyes and voila. Everything was so perfect. All I had to do was type the info, made the name bold


Happy weekend everybody!! Here’s my first creation, using Waltzingmouse’s sketch and Sassy Season digital papers from in the Making Designs at Jessica Sprague, after almost two weeks! I’ll be busy creating again the next few days though cause I just got a few design team packages in the mail. YEAH! Tonight we’ll be watching some fireworks (celebrating UK’s Guy Fawkes day and fund raising for the local preschool) and then a bonfire at our friend’s house. We’ll be showing them what Americans do around a fire: Making and eating S’mores! Good times!! I also want to share more pictures of

A Sketch and a Hop

Today is a special day because I get to use my blog to do something nice! I have a thing for old people, especially little sweet old men, they make me go “awwwwww” and reminds me of my own grandpa. but in general, lot of them just brings a smile to my face. A little squeeze on my arm, a little laugh, home made cookies, whatever… old folks gives me the warm and fuzzies. I especially love loving elderly couples. Ya know, those ones who still giggle at each others’ jokes or still walk hand-in-hand or have that look for

Just Random

Last weekend hubby said that if people clean like I do they’ll never get anything done. After I thought about it I guess he’s right. It’s day three and the house isn’t any better than it was Sunday when I started. I kept stopping – stopping just cause – and taking craft breaks. The other night hubby was here in my craft room watching Netflix and he looked at my box of cards and said: “You are obsessed with making cards. After you’re done you just toss them in that box.” You know all the cards that I’ve made the