Favorite Number: 7

Seven has always been my favorite number. I don’t know if it’s because I was born on the seventh but whatever it is I have a thing for this number. Today’s our seventh wedding anniversary. Two kids and two countries later we’re still silly over each other. It’s a great feeling and whether you’re married or not, I want to let you know that it really is worth it to be with somebody you’re heads over heels with. If it wasn’t for the military I wouldn’t care less if we’re married or not. It’s not the piece of paper that’s

Tut: More Flowers

I’ve been messing with flowers the last two days and today I made this for M. This flower hair piece was created using two tuts… or a combination of. The main idea came from this party flower tutorial minus step 5. Instead of the fluffy look I wanted to do this flatter look based on the Fabric Flower tutorial (plus I only have this fabric, scissors, white thread, and a needle). The two tuts were created by the same person. Pretty neat huh? Next time I’m going to use these flower techniques using pattern/tissue paper. I think it’ll give the

Our Homemade Christmas

Five more days until Christmas!!!! Tomorrow I’ll be sending out my Christmas cards + my sister’s package. About time, huh? But ya know, I think it’s not just us. So far we’ve only gotten two cards this year. It must be a crazy year for many! Today, while M and dad’s away, I managed to do this: I made the tag myself in Illustrator and saved it as always to use in my KNK but I don’t know what happened my KNK couldn’t recognize the SVG file and when I imported the image into my software the file got all

In Search of a Tent

Are you done Christmas shopping? I thought I was but Miss M wants one more thing from Santa besides boots… a tent! I didn’t think tents would be so eye catching but they are! After looking at a lot of them, does anybody know where I can find something like this IKEA canopy ($19). The IKEA tent isn’t available to purchase online. I have something in mind that I’d love to make for M and I need a white blank canopy. I’m not that good of a seamstress and I know I’d butcher the fabric, even though it seems simple,

Two Day Project

That totally stressed me out!! It should have taken somebody 30 minutes to do this but it’s my 2nd time sewing and with no pattern to go by… I eyeballed everything. So here it it… M’s apron: It’s far from satisfactory. It’s far from straight. It’s far from perfect threading but she loves it and that’s all that matters. I got 2000 hugs and kisses this morning and it made this apron perfect!! My first week at work. Everything went well. I even worked out Tue + Thurs! Spin class kicked my butt though, OUCH!!! M ended her first week

Anniversary Idea

Next Tuesday is our 6th anniversary. Wow, feels like 15 ha ha ha… But we have no idea what to do since we have a newborn. We can’t leave her with a friend for a late night deal or for an extended all day deal. Anybody has a suggestion? I do want to do something special since he’s a special guy in many ways (although don’t get me wrong, there are days where I want to kick him out the door he he he). He’s so special that he even makes me handmade cards. The above was a birthday card