House Mommy

We all can’t be June Cleaver. Hubby would go broke if I even attempt it. I mean the hairdresser alone would give our pocket book a nice dent! I did attempt it though last Saturday. I went to gymnastics and then the market with proper ladylike clothing and even a pearl necklace. I did my hair too and dug out a proper handbag from my closet!! June would have been so stinkin’ proud of me! I’ve been dressing up a bit the last few weeks. While I wanted to look a bit more presentable, the hubby and the M have

Hubs Delusional

The other night, over dinner, hubby and I were commenting on how slow Jovie’s hair is growing. The conversation went more less like this: Me: Jovie’s back hair is growing but the front is still so short. Hubby: They’ll grow. Me: She’s still cute, but a bit more hair on the forehead would be good. Hubby: Well, just be patient, good things come to those who waits. Me: Hmmm, guess so. Hubby: Like my hair for example. They’re just not here yet, still waiting for them to grow. Me: {I stared, mouth opened… five seconds later…} HA HA HA HA

Dear Diary

When I was younger I tried to keep a diary but each one never lasted more than 10 entries. Then I started blogging, started after M was born and then I went into this craft blog. Granted I wasn’t as regular when it was just a baby update blog at least I kept it up. I think it was before Christmas, or maybe even Thanksgiving, hubby was talking to our neighbor friend and our friend said (more less): “Ok, I’ll put it in my diary.” I looked at him and said, “So, you have like a diary where you regularly

Flowering Jasmine Tea

Guess what we all did yesterday? NOTHING! Hubby and M made our $9.95/mo Netflix subscription totally worth it yesterday I think. Since hubby woke up, him and M have been watching TV. M loved it (even though all they watched were documentaries and Dirty Jobs) because it’s not something I let her do. Also, she doesn’t see her daddy much because of his work schedule so she was soaking it all in. I got a nap in and Jovie… well, it was another busy day for her as usual: She made a lot of mess and I picked up here

IKEA Bookcase

Hi!! Hope you all had a great Saturday! We sure did!! The bonfire + fireworks at our friends’ were great. There were mixed reviews on the Smores. Some, most of the kids, thought it was great and some other thought it was just a bit odd and overall too sweet. Whether they liked the Smores or not we all had fun toasting marshmallows! Jovie was ok for the most part but then the fireworks got loud and got scared but with some love she was fine. She eventually fell asleep. I would too if I were in her seat. She