A Little Christmasy Project

Last Sunday Emma and three of her girlie friends came over to do some arts and crafts. There were lots of talks, giggles, a bit of play and a lot of crafting. I was actually a bit surprised. I thought they’d do a bit of craft work and then spend the whole day playing. The girls had a great time but I think the highlight of their craft moment was when they got to use the Sizzix machine and WPlus9 die-cuts to create all sorts of goodness. They cut out some snow flakes, Christmas trees, tags, hearts, and more. One

Christmas Day 1

It’s OCTOBER! Yikes AND eeeeeeeks at the same time!! I know I’ve said this already but time is sure going by fast this year! While I wish the days would go by slower, there are a few things that I LOVE about this time of year: Fall, Halloween, AND prepping for Christmas. Last year I got swamped for some reason and didn’t get to send many cards. So to make it up, this year not only do I want to send out some of the handmade cards I’ve made, I want to also present adorably decorated little gifties (I also

A Bit of Stitching

Miss M turned 8 last Sunday. Being 8 is somewhat bitter sweet for her though. She loves that she can go into the pool’s changing room on her own or be able to participate in “better” art workshops at museums and such. But at the same time, she wishes she’s seven still so that she can be the same age as the other girls in the development program at her gymnastics club. It’s not a major issue and it’s one of the reason why we switched gymnastics club, so that she can move up quicker and be with other 8-yrs-old

Love You More

I was a bit giddy when I saw one of the stamps in the new Love You More set that is being released tomorrow by WPlus9! Back in the days, before I knew such a quote existed, I used to say to hubby, then boyfriend, “I love you more today than I did yesterday”. Fast forward to 2011 and now and then we’d say it still. So, when I saw the stamp I knew who I wanted to give the first creation to. I did show it to hubby before I photographed it and he went “awwww”. Love it, Dawn!

She Got Teary Eyed

Because I made her the above. I’ve never seen Emma so happy to receive a handmade item from me and so all the work (up until 2 a.m. and spent a good two hours just cause I suck at sewing) was completely worth it!!! I left the book on top of her uniform yesterday morning and while not captured on camera, the excitement that I saw on her face was just like Christmas morning — probably better! Card making’s fun, scrapbooking makes preserving memories prettier but the best part of crafting is making something that would make Emma smile (and

My Photography Biz

The last few months I’ve been busy with my photography business. I’ve done a little bit of behind the scene stuff but mostly I’ve been trying to shoot as often as I can and if possible with a model. In photography term I’ve been portfolio building. For one of my neighbor friend, a maternity and couple session, I put a few pictures onto a CD. While the original intention was to slip the CD into a protective case, none could be found. I looked and looked and finally decided to make one using a piece of 12×12 paper that came