Driving to Germany

I am getting ready to get the hubby in Germany. Ok, it’s still a few weeks but I am a planner. If I can get everything my way I’d plan every single details of my life. BUT, it’s probably a good thing life isn’t like that because I’d be totally boring person and I’d be busy just researching what my next meal will be. I still like to plan but I can wing it if I must or just feel sporadic. The girls and I are planning on driving through the M25 (the Interstate in the US) — or the

Goofy Monday

My real life friend posted something on her Facebook account a few weeks ago. Something about how she hates those self portrait photos that people do and then post to their profile. I made a comment and told her that one day I’ll do one JUST for her. Well, last week I got a bit bored and started taking pictures of myself. I was trying to get Jovie’s picture but that kid couldn’t stay still and so I gave up. I then aimed at M but she’s at the point right now where she’s not too fond of me pointing

What I Miss…

We love this place. You all know that. But there are a few things from Missouri that I miss… A jam packed scrapbook store full of new goodies, either a local shop or Archivers Jo-Ann, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby Great Sushi, Dimsum, Thai, and Chinese Kansas City Plaza Outlet Mall by the lake It’s not a bad list… not super long, right? There are two places to get scrappy stuff, both on base, but they’re spendier. You’d think the Arts and Craft store on base would be cheap, right? NOOO!! Thickers for $5.49 when it’s $3.99 in the U.S.! They

Seriously the Sweetest Thing

Life is short, life is an adventure, life can be selfish and/or giving, life can be hard and it can really suck to not know what the future will hold or if things don’t go our way, but life is full of sweetness if you take a moment to feel, hear, and look. I had a very sweet moment today, a few actually, but this was the most profound. A moment I want to always remember forever… Journaling: “I have to share this story with you girls… today you were very sad little M. Tomorrow will be your teacher’s last

Happy Friday!

Watcha doing today? The family’s going to M’s BBQ this evening. This is her last full week at school. After next Wednesday M’s going to be in year 2 aka first grade! Oooooh, my baby is growing up!!!! The BBQ is at her school. They’re also having a fundraising and one of the booth is a £ drink booth. Ok, what’s the chance of finding this booth in the US? Alcohol on school grounds? Good thing we walk to school — oh, gotta remember to bring cash {::SMILES}!! I haven’t done a digital page in a few weeks now. The

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Do you remember this baby girl from a year ago? I can’t believe how fast time flies!! So many things have happened in the last year and all for the best. Can you believe that was her newborn picture? Just an hour or so after she was born? Here’s Jovie now. Older but still very petite. She’s still wearing 6-9 mo. outfits and not out of the #2 diapers. Despite her size, she’s one fiesty and tough little girl. Emma said that she’s like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. We had a good laugh because without the