$1 Wed + Craft Room Pt. 1

I have a couple things I want to share today. The first is the above layout which was created using Echo Park’s digital kits sold at Jessica Sprague’s website today for $1! There are other kits for sale too, like Cosmo Cricket, Carina Gardner and Kitschy Designs. Jessica also has a new FREE class starting Nov. 29th so while you’re on the website do check that out!! The second is… my still in the making craft room re-organization. Let me share what I’ve got before I ruin my room because who knows when I’ll make it to IKEA again to

King Arthur and the Tor

If you’re into magic, fairies, king arthur, magic water, psychics, self cleansing, knights in shining armour, etc. you might want to put Glastonbury on your list of places to visit or move into. At first the town seems like any other British town but once you get to looking you’ll see shops full of crystals and stones, small book shops full of spiritual books, clothing stores where you can walk out as Queen Guenevere, ¬†and a store that sells witch craft related items — I think I should have gone in to see if there’s a magic cleaning wand/spell!! Then

M’s First DigiPage

Today I am honored to present a little guest designer. She did the above all by herself and very proud of herself for doing it!! Last week M was curious on how I created my layouts on the computer. So I showed her. I helped get the picture from Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop but after that, she pretty much went on her own between Adobe Bridge, where I can easily see all my digi pieces, and Photoshop. I showed her layers and helped her understand its concept by stacking all sorts of crap on top of a piece of paper

A Tea Time Story

Hi from the other side of England! I wish I can tell you where but since this post was created before I left just imagine me hanging out in Wales or strolling along some cold beach with the family… I have a page to share with you today. It’s a digital layout with a few different goodies, mostly by Kitschy Digitals at JessicaSprague.com. I love the colors, especially on the kraft paper!!!! This page makes me wish that I have some real washi tapes… some bright blue or yellow ones! I also want those plastic flowers. I saw some on

Afternoon Tea

Did you or will you get some crafty or just me time in this weekend? I hope so! It helps me when I do, even when it’s just a tiny bit. That little time to myself makes me feel very good, especially now that I’m staying home with the family. Next month I need to start putting some work time in too, I have an online class that I’m teaching next spring! Very looking forward to that!!! I am hoping for that regular adult interaction… even if it’s virtually. A few days ago I got to sit down and create

Hello and Goodbyes

Goodbyes are rarely easy, doesn’t matter if they’re with friends, families, co-workers, or jobs (it was even tough parting with my work’s Mac Tower and 30″ monitor!). I’ve had a few goodbyes in this life, especially lately because of hubby’s job, but we all know that if we really want to one day we’ll meet again. Although starting something new is exciting it can be tough at times to quit what you have so that you can start that new thing. Today I sent in two emails. Both were resignation emails. One to Sweet Shoppe and another to the DigiChick.