Tut: Clipping Mask

Hello hello! Today I have a little video tutorial to accompany the above digital page. I needed to test my equipments before the semester starts and make a couple new videos for my students. Also, it’s been a while since I did one and I thought a little warm up wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t have time to zoom in and all that but I think this tutorial’s fine without having to zoom in. Viewing on YouTube in full-screen mode is best if you can’t see it well here on my blog. Enjoy the video and hope you like my 5

1001 Things

To do… You’ve had those days, right? Between working, M’s birthday coming up, her first big birthday party, and household stuff I’ll be a bit swamped. They’re all fun though so it’s not all bad. I know where my priorities are at least and so if some things aren’t like I imagine them to be (like oh so nice decors for the party) I’ll learn to be ok with it. M’s having a funky dress-up + carnival + whatever mom comes up with party. We’re kind of winging it really. I think M came up with funky dress up so

Happy 2011!!

Wow, it’s been a week since I updated my blog! I didn’t intend on not documenting our Christmas and all that but the Kindle kept me busy (I’ve been busy organizing the house too). I think hubby’s regretting his present for me. I think I need to quit it too. Going to bed at 2 or even 4 a.m. to craft is one thing but to use my eyes on grey text (200 pgs/day since Christmas, HA!) until that time (I was also cooking, doing chores, playing with the girls, watching movies and more with the Kindle) is a bit

There’s No Place

Like home for the holidays!! Although I’d love to be in Germany right now visiting some awesome friends of ours or taking the train to Paris or flying to the Alps ┬áto see another high school mate of mine and her partner it is nice to be home with the kidlets and hubs. Logistically it’s good that we are staying in this year because ground and air transport is a bit chaotic right now. Heathrow just functioned somewhat normally Wednesday and the trains have been slow. Whether we visit/not, I do have a thing for staying home on Christmas day.

Some Cuteness…

My strobe light or my camera is acting up. I need to find another cable and maybe another light too if the cable doesn’t make a difference to figure out which equipment is not working. It’s been getting dark at 4 p.m. here and I’ve been needing the strobe light a couple of times this last week. I hope it’s not my camera though because although I have a warranty on it I have to send it to the US for fixing! So yesterday I was testing the light, which worked most of the time but not on the settings

Thankful For…

My life. I am very glad to have this body, mind and soul. The freedom to say whatever I want without fear of going to prison, get stoned, or be hanged. All the food, including the 18lbs turkey, that I purchased today for our get together Saturday. The farmers and their farm shops + market stalls. Our warm home in the middle of the most wonderful little village. The little gifts that I’ve been able to pick up for the girls. Online shopping and APO shipping! Just a few more things to be thankful of today. I was going to