Why I Craft

Why do you craft? I was introduced to paper crafting when my friend took me to a Creative Memories workshop in 1999. First impression: NOT for me. Although I did warm up to it more over the years, I didn’t get into it until M was born. There was a reason to scrapbook after she was born and so I became a scrapbooker then card maker (I had to do something with my scraps of paper). I’ve always blogged. I’ve had a website since 1999. They’ve all been mostly about me/us since I/we live far from our family and in

Anglesey Abbey

Last week the girls and I spent part of a day at Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property. We had lunch, walked through the old house, shopped at the second hand bookstore (it’s M and I’s favorite place, can’t beat £.30 chapter books), walked around the garden and then parked ourselves in the middle of one garden to read. Jovie ran around crazy (as photographed above) like usual while we read. Today I asked M what she wanted to do and she said, “Let’s go to the garden again.” We couldn’t go though, it rained and so we just went

Science Museum

Went to the Science Museum for the first time in good old London and we had a fantastic time. Since hubby likes to take things in, we split up. It worked out great because there are so many interactive things that kids can do at the Science Museum while hubby can go his pace looking at things he’s interested in (like airplanes, machines, etc.). Jovie’s favorite was probably the “Garden” located in the basement. Reason being: A water learn + play area. Every kid had a little waterproof cover on and while most kids stayed dried, Jovie was wet. So

Jovie’s Belated

Well, my baby girl is officially 2… almost a month later… While we did celebrate when we were driving around France it didn’t feel right, a small cupcake in a hotel room after dinner wasn’t enough I thought. So today we did a little happy belated party. It wasn’t anything big. On some Thursdays M has her friends over. Since we see them often (between school, ballet and gymnastics), these girls have become Jovie’s best buds. When the girls are here I usually give them a little snack anyways so the only difference was the cake (which was BEAUTIFUL), good

Stop No. 44

NOTE: The hop has ended. Download links have been disabled. Hi all! If you’re a Jessica Sprague blog hopper, welcome to stop number 44! To those who are here just because you have nothing else better to do (kidding!!) welcome and if you’re interested in collecting 47 freebies to celebrate Jessica Sprague’s 4th shop birthday (or just wish to start at the beginning), please visit Jessica’s Sprague’s blog first and move forward from there! There will be a little slip of quote in each freebie that you collect and if you can put all the pieces together you’ll be eligable

Dear Syd

When I was little I had a few pen pals. I lost contact with all of them (I can’t even remember their names) but it was fun while it lasted. M had one before we moved to the UK and now she is actively corresponding with another sweet little girl. It’s only been one letter so far but Emma was so giddy when she got her first mail and she responded right away (although the mail never did get sent out until last week — blame it on postal mom). This time M’s a better writer but still need a