Etsy Thursday: Baker’s Twine

Photo taken from Cupcake Social at Etsy Urgh… I am on Etsy again… so not good for the pocket book!! But… found a few things and want to share! Didn’t I tell you, back in May, that baker’s twine is in? If you haven’t gotten any you should! They’re fun and even if you don’t ever use them on your cards/scrapbook you can use them to wrap presents. That’s what I’ve been using lately for my gifts. I’ll just wrap the item(s) in old newspaper, tissue paper, or whatever inexpensive paper I can find around the house and tie it

Signing Time

When I learn something or if I find something useful I feel the need to share and/or show somebody how to do it. When I am interested in something I research it to death. Hubby said it’s to the point of being overly overwhelming but he lets me be as long as he doesn’t have to hear every single detail or read a 100 page summary. After I was pregnant with M I got a whiff of baby signing. I researched and researched, learn a few signs along the way, and concluded that it’s one of the best thing after

My Favorite Kit Clubs

From left to right: Scarlet Lime | Studio Calico | Midnight Roosters | A Million Memories Created using Mosaic Maker Now that new release stuff’s over I can post other random stuff {::SMILE}. Today I want to share some of my FAVORITE scrapbook kit clubs… whether I am a subscriber or not. Although crafts in general makes me happy there’s something about a fabulously put together kit that makes me extra giddy (it also increases my hoarding tendencies). It’s like cooking. One knife gets you really excited about cooking but a great set makes you just want to chop all

Etsy Sunday: Tape

Ooh ooh, I am on Etsy again! Have you ever seen Lost in Space? Remember the scene where Robot said something like: “Danger, danger,  Will Robinson”? Well, if I have a robot that would be what it’ll be yelling at my husband. “Danger, danger Drew Wilder”. Ha!! I haven’t been buying much on Etsy, just a few bucks here and there, but my husband loves it too. He totally supports my Etsy love and whenever it’s present time he’d go on Etsy and find something that I’d love. He bought me an apron the last time and it was just

Photographing My Cards

There is sun in the UK, folks!! I just had to say this since I’ve heard people say that it’s just dreary here with no sun at times. I mean it’s no sunny Missouri (when it’s not raining) or Southern France even but there is sun light in the daytime. Maybe it’s new to me or maybe I’m just a shady kind of gal but I like it. It’s good for my skin tone… tell you more later… When the girls and I saw the house for the first time the one thing that really got me excited was this

Traveling with Craft Supplies

I know a few of you were wondering what kind of stuff were in my craft bag after the movers picked up the last of our stuff. Well, here it is… I know it looks like a pile of mess but the above was what I had with me since April 5th. Everything but the ribbons and burlap + that brown sack fit in the black bag. The bag is more less this size but it’s not a rolling bag. I have one compartment to put my ribbons and stamps in and another one behind it for the Scor-It and