Once Upon a Time

This is the other page that I did for the Scrap Artist challenge. I thought I was suppose to do two pages from whatever kit and not one from my own kit and one from the freebie kit. Last night at midnight was the cut-off date and time. I’m just waiting to see what the results are. You can see the submissions in their gallery. Quite a bit, huh? Not hoping much, but we’ll see. Like I said, I had fun, got some LOs done, AND got a free kit. What else can I ask, right? The Internet is a

Digi/Hybrid: Some Freebies

My partner in crime from Tara Sroka, the great and talented Gabi Butcher, has some neat freebies. Check them out. Be sweet and leave a comment if you download — or if you are there. She’d love it. Pair her freebies with the tuts that I have here: Texture Overlay – this is for her texture download Alter your Elements/Alphas – this is for her shapes download So if you want to use her shapes, you just select the white space around the circles, inverse, and use the outline to outline your paper — just like the video. Blogged with

Tut: Using Patterns From ColourLovers.com and Freebies

Before I forget… have you visited Shabby Princess lately? They have a new freebie kit. Check it out, very nice!! Also, Weeds and Wildflowers are having their 1st year anniversary celebration. On their blog they have a mini kit freebie (very nice looking) and it’s only going to be up for 24 hrs. There will be a new giveaway until Sunday, so bookmark them, add them to your rss or subscribe via email. Whatever… but W&W is one of my favorite stores. I’d love to be Gina’s CT/guest {::SMILES}. Last week I posted some Kuler info and also a one

Flock: It’s Awesome!

Ok, so this isn’t stamping or scrapbooking BUT, if you at least blog, use Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, Gmail, del.icio.us, or whatever, you got to check this browser out. Here’s a Flock How-To for more info. Flock’s backend is powered by Mozilla (and you know how awesome Firefox is) but with added features. Now that I installed flock, I don’t have to go to my blog site, login, and type my blog. I can just click on the little icon on my Flock browser and start writing. When I’m done, I just push publish. There are limitations, I don’t

Colors and Kuler

It’s spring break. YEAH!!!! What does it mean for me? A little time to play, no grading, no fighting for a parking spot, and also take a couple days off from work. Today, I thought I’d log in to Kuler and see what kind of colors they’ve got today and try to create one for submission. I’ve been on Kuler (my coworker introduced me to this site) for a while but never tried creating and submitting. I thought it’d be difficult but it was sooo easy to create a new color and submit. Fun! To see the color code or

TONS of Digi Freebies

Little Dreamer Design started a designer apprenticeship contest. Each contestant was to submit three paper and three elements. They go through six rounds (I think) before a few winners are announced and allowed to sell at the store. I probably butchered all the details… I didn’t play… didn’t have time to and wouldn’t have the time also to continue if I were selected. ANYWAY… What the contestants submitted are available for download as of today (or maybe yesterday) and from what I could see, there are A LOT of really nice stuff. So go there, create an account if you