H&M Stamps and TDC GC Winners

I have some winners!!! The M randomizers picked: #9: Patty Patty posted the following on April 21, 2008 at 1:02 pm. – Edit This is actually the first time I’ve visited your blog. I’ve never stamped before, but am interested in getting started, so I’ve been blog browsing and got linked to yours from somewhere! Patty, please email me your address. You can click on the Contact Me link on the top right and use the form or email me at stampin (at) scrapbit (dot) com. I also need you to tell me which stamp set you’d like to receive.


I get distracted easily, especially if there’s a new application. I got this info from one of my Tweet buddy and the app is called Animoto. What is it? Check it out yourself, BUT, if you are in education and if your classroom is interested in using this, you can get the extended service for a year free. Kind of like some other photo slide shows (e.g. Photobucket) but I think it’s a bit more funky with how the music effects the images. Ok, maybe I’m just a bit cheezy {::SMILES}. What I like about Animoto is that you can


I used Pencil Line sketch to help me with this LO. This was March’s sketch. Here’s the story behind the title… When M was a baby, up to two years I think, she was not the most generous kid in terms of smiles. She’s even tougher when it came time to take studio photos. We’d do everything and we’d just get a stare and she she did smile, either the camera person wasn’t ready or she blinked. So these are a few photos that we got from Sears. There’s one good smiling photo and the rest looked like she didn’t

Prima Blog Candy

Are you subscribe to Prima’s blog? If not, check out their Friday giveaway. So many goodies!!! My presentation went well except that I had no Internet access. It went down right before I clicked on the first link. Then it just went in and out but everytime I needed it, it was down. URGH!!! I had screen shots but a few things I needed to do just had to have Internet. Oh well. People said they got some good info, so that’s good.  I talked about the following: For my online class I use: Meebo chat for virtual chat sessions/off

Hello from Osage Beach

I have Internet, yeah! It’s $9.95/day but I really needed it. I got what I need to do for tomorrow done, learned lots in the process of it, and even helped out with some work website issues. Now I just need to go to bed. Ok, what to share this…  If you’ve been following the ColourLovers tutorials, I have something here for you… what happens when you click on the “Create a pattern with this palette” button? Try it out. It’s pretty cool! Select a palette first and you should get to this window. M… poor thing, her stomach is

Photo Editing

Ok, leaving for my conference in a little bit. I will not have anything new, project wise, to share until this weekend. I had plans on getting stuff ready and just automatically post for me but I never got to it. I did a few that I posted already and besides that, I’ve just been working late prepping for my presentations. Hubby said I’m going to have to much info but hey, I rather have too much and cut back as needed than the other way around. So for today, I just want to share one little item… I found