M’s Sketch 2 Winners

Hey gals, Jovie’s sick and so I don’t have a lot of hands right now. She just wants me to hold her and so here’s me typing with one hand. She has a fever, 101 is the highest, but still nursing. Ok, here are M’s favorite… fresh from Adobe Lightroom (yeah, it’s a lovely screen capture): Ange Kelley :: Ashley Newell :: Sarah Martina :: Quirky :: Marlene Tenia :: Becca :: Paulina :: Amy Tsuruta :: Winter Sims And the big winner is: Congrats, Amy!!! She loves the pink and the idea that you can put candies in there.

M’s Sketch Challenge #2 + Inspiration

This is a sticky. Scroll down for next post. Hey, it’s M’s sketch again. I was going to wait a bit, give everybody a break, but M couldn’t wait (kids have lots of patience, huh? HA!!). Before we get started, I want to share this… When I was going through the submissions and comments I realize that M’s challenges can be a great way for moms, sisters, neighbors, grandparents, etc. to spend quality time with the young ones. I know that there are many little Ms out there and I’ve seen them enter their work in different challenges but I

M’s 1st Sketch Challenge Winner…

Woaah, talk about awesome audience participation!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! M was so happy and surprised that you all tried her challenge. You have no idea how happy my kid was each time I told her there’s a new entry. She’d want to comment ASAP but I had to tell her that she has to finish something or another before she did. She still has a few to comment… some later entries… she’ll get there… actually we all got busy today but will do Monday!! Ok, so to the winners…. First, these were her final 8. She really had a hard time

M’s Sketch Challenge #1

UPDATE (and this is a sticky, scroll down for latest post): Oh wow, I can’t believe how many of you joined! This is so great and Emma LOVES each and every one of them!! She said: Mommy, I am going to have a hard time picking. SO, since this is her first challenge and I have found some AWESOME sponsors I am going to offer two prizes. So we’re looking at two winners!! One winner will win M’s original prize and the second will get to pick something (up to $6.99) from Julie Billingsley’s store at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Julie’s

Tons of Challenges and Prizes

This is a sticky for this week, scroll down for latest post! I have a challenge for you! $15 GC!!! Keep reading! Challenges and prizes at theDigiChick. Come on over!!! 20% off sale too this weekend and oh, the digi and hybrid challenges are very fun!! I am going to hurry and finish my painting so that I can play! Ok, aren’t the ornaments awesome? Check out the Christmas ornament challenge and download the instructions to try it out. There’s a pumpkin one too!!! If you click on each of the challenges, you might find freebies like templates mini kits,

I’ve Got a Challenge!

Check out these cute clip-art. If you click on the image, it’ll take you to the source! I found these while I was learning Office 2007. I use to do the training for all the apps in the Office suite but now we alternate (it does get old) and when I do the Word/Excel training and we get to the clip-art, I’d do a random input in the clip-art search and have been amazed. I was never a big fan of Office clip-arts (and still not a fan of Word Art… one word: UGLY!) but I’ve changed. For this set,