Card Making to Music Challenge

Do you listen to music when you craft? Lately I’ve been crafting with Netflix but last night a few songs went through my head which caused me to pick up different pieces or think of different styles based on the tune. This one song made me reach for my Webster’s Page paper that I’ve been hoarding. I almost forgot where I hid it!! It’s a 6×6 paper package that I got at CKC last October and when I opened it, it still smells good!! You should open a new WP package and sniff it. It’s got a REALLY sweet smell

M’s Sketch #4 Winners

Finally!!! Sorry for the delay! First of all M loved these cards: Cole (5) Aimee Sparkle Wendy Todd Ashley Nguyen Newell But the winners are: Autumn Sims Ashley Cannon Newell M loved all the cards but we never got to commenting on all of them — or I did and she didn’t. She got a bit distracted with the whole Christmas activities here at home. She picked the cards but when it came to commenting on the last few bits she just said, “Mommy, you do it for me. You can be my assistant and write for me.” Here’s my

M’s Sketch #4

This is a sticky, scroll down for latest post! Oh, deadline is Nov. 25th by midnight CST. Hey, M got motivated and made us another (HAAAAAAARD) sketch. Ok, it was hard for me for her, she just whipped her card right out after she did her sketch. Now, the weather has been dreary here and since I work during the day I’ve been having a hard time taking good pictures. So this will do. M was also not feeling too hot this morning. She said her tummy kind of hurts and so that’s why her face looked so sad (I

M’s Sketch Challenge #3 Winner

Wow, sorry for the delay. This week’s just been hectic and I haven’t had a good chance to sit on the Mac to put the photos together for the round-up and winners.   M LOVES all your submissions and she gets so excited when she sees each one of your work. She wishes she can write more but right now her one little sentence is all she can do. We did talk about “love” and “cute” so hopefully next time she’ll remember to write them correctly. Teaching a kid how to write is so hard, especially for words like “pretty”. The

VOTE: Messiest Desk/Room!

Okie dokie, we have the contestants for the messiest desk/room. I have a little glimpse of what they submitted but do click on their names below the photos to get a better glimpse of their oh so messy room and then vote. Contestants, post this contest on your blogs and ask your blog friends to vote for you. The contest ends this Saturday at midnight and so get those votes in!!! The winner will win a $5 gift card to Amazon’s mp3 download store — well it’s a general GC I think and so technically you can buy other stuff

M’s Sketch #3 + THE Messiest Room

This is a sticky, scroll down for latest post! M got another sketch for you and this time our sponsor is: THE CUTTING CAFE!!!! Yeah (THANKS, Regina)! One big AND little crafter who wins sketch #3 will be able to pick something out from that store (if the winner is a little crafter whose mama is an awesome TCC DT, we have something else to mail out to you). On top of the AWESOME sponsors we also have their wonderful DTs joining us to share some lovely inspirations. Scroll down below to see who they are and what they created