Almost a Year Without Blogging

Hello all! It feels a bit odd to be writing here again after being absent for almost a year. I have no craft to share. I haven’t done a lot this year and when I did do a few bits and pieces, I haven’t felt the motivation to photograph them. I haven’t done a lot of photographing either. I did one and that was just a little gift for a friend. Oh, I did do something as a going away present for one of Jovie’s teacher but that’s it. For Christmas, I was surprised I received presents I needed and

Valentine’s Day DIY Inspirations

Hi!!! Are you the type who gives out little Valentines to friends, partners and or children’s class? If yes and need some fresh ideas, check out these favorites of mine! I only do Valentines (small, tiny even) gifts for the girls. Last year I surprised them with cupcakes that my favorite baker made but usually, I just do a card, with candies, and that’s it. This year I want to do something special again and after going through Google and Pinterest found a few that looked easy, fun and beautiful. 1. Jovie loves Macarons and when I saw this ,

First Year of Fund Management Experience

I, the family in general, don’t do resolutions. We just never follow through with them for whatever reason. So instead of resolutions, we have little goals. I say little because we like to do baby steps with everything and if it works out great, then we do more the next month, quarter, year, etc. Up to last year we were a bit careless with our food purchasing and we ate out quite a bit. In the US, it’s not that bad financially. Still more expensive than cooking but a bit reasonable for our pocket book. In the UK, not only

Meal Planning

We’ve been meal planning for a year now. Before last year I used to just have an idea on what we’ll eat and shop for materials. I then would end up popping into the grocery store 2-3x a week and often times not using what I bought. While not expensive, they add up and in general just a waste. For example me buying a broccoli that was on sale or mushrooms that I thought I’d make for a dish but then end up not using the mushrooms because I didn’t have everything I need to make the dish. So now, every

Happy 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, where did the time go?!?! Before you go on reading, I want to thank all of you who has been following my blog. It means a lot to me to know that somewhere out there somebody is reading, or skimming, through my posts. It makes me feel a bit sane thinking that I haven’t been talking to myself all these years 😉 For those new to my blog and coming via the blog hop, welcome!! I hope we can get to know each othis this 2015! You can read a bit about me and if this