The 1 Minute Card

Here’s the story: Last week my co-workers and myself got together so that we can hand write some, super late, “welcome to our campus” cards for new professional staff employees. The last card was sent out in March so between April and last week, we had 27 cards to do. Now, we’re not working for a big university and funding for silly things like this does not come easy so I managed to smuggled some card stock from my office’s supply closet, grabbed my own stamping stuff, figured some really easy design, and voila. In an hour we hand wrote

Ok… Here’s a Card…

I made this for a Stampin Up demo but ended up loving it so much that I made a bunch for a swap. At the demo, the ladies loved it because it was easy and for many, they’ve never tear freehand or tear in general. Also, they got a chance to do some embossing. This is a 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ card. The brown is 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ and the blue is 3 1/4″ x 2 1/2″. For the pomegranate ribbon, I just tucked the left and right end of the ribbon, about 1/4″, under the brown

I Know…

I should probably be posting some cards here too but it’s just easier to post some more digital scrapbook stuff just because they’re easily accessible. This was my first digital layout: Not that great, missed a few shadows on the paper itself, but it was the first and this got me hooked 😀

Latest DigiScrap LO

Drum rolls please…. 😀 These are the first LO that I did using someone else’s work. The previous ones I’ve done I’ve been the one creating every single item for them. They were quite time consuming and even though I still would enjoy the whole process, I think buying or downloading free items here and there would be the thing to do. Doing this will not only save me time but it’ll let me explore and experiment with different elements, designs, and technique. I can’t wait to feel inspire again so that I can do some really nice layouts. Credits:

Resizing your Image in Photoshop

Once you insert your image or object you can resize and rotate by using the Free Transform tool. Select the layer/image, click on Edit and select Free Transform. Once your image is selected you can resize the image or rotate it to your liking. I have provided a video to help you understand this concept. The video was created in Photoshop CS but you will be able to use the information for any older or newer Photoshop application. The video is a bit small on screen, to get a bigger view, click “Download” on the bottom right of the video