See You Next Week!

I’m going to be offline for a few days, or if I am online, it’ll just be to check my email really quick. I want to spend this time with my little family and being thankful that we are alive, healthy, together, and blessed in many ways. I did make a quick card last night but I can’t remember what stamp set it is and for some reason I didn’t stick the sticker on. But for this, I think any simple geometric stamps will do the trick. The card’s super easy to make. I used Real Red on White paper

Crimped Love

Well, I’m trying to be creative. I was going to try a challenge from Splitcoast but I ended up making this. There’s one thing that really bugs me on this card, that it’s crooked. When I was folding the paper, I wasn’t very consistent so it’s sloping down a bit. But I figured that it’s my first time and it is handmade, that the little imperfection should make the card more unique, ha! I might be right or I’m just trying to talk myself into liking it and not worry about the crookedness of the crimped paper. For the XOXO,

Downloading & Installing a Photoshop Brush

Although you can buy all sorts of awesome digital scrapbook kits, there are also many free items available to download for your Photoshop program. All you have to do is: Use your favorite search engine and type in “free photoshop brus.” One of my favorite site is Miss M’s site. When you find the brush you want to download, you just click the download link and save the file to your hard drive. Once downloaded, usually it’s a zip folder, extract the zip folder. Open the folder and find the item that has a .abr extension. Copy this item and

Starting Digital Scrapbooking in PSE

This tutorial was done in Elements 4 but it’s the same concept for the most part. The important part of working with a digital scrapbooking in any Photoshop product is to understand the concept of layers and inserting new images, text, or brush on top of one another and rearranging these layers to your needs and liking. I have created a video on how to get started. Nothing fancy but hope it’ll help you understand the concept.

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday, yay!!! So many things I want to do and need to do this weekend. First, my very good friend’s baby will be baptized tomorrow morning and she asked me to take the photos. I’m no professional photographer but I love taking photos and I’m not too bad – at least they’re clear and I’ve got Photoshop for other stuff. Then there’s a luncheon afterwards and that evening we have an event on campus, International Night, where students from different countries cook and it’s open to the community. For $5/person, it’s pretty good, plus our little Emma eats free.

The Last Nice Card I Made

Well, I’m in some sort of funk, no inspiration or motivation to make anything worthwhile. This card was the last card that I made that’s reasonably good looking in my eyes (card created Nov. 3rd). This was a fairly easy card to make. The paper size is 8.5×4.25, fold it in half, stamp the snowman on the white, sprinkle some red embossing powder, use the heat gun, mount the white on the black, add some ribbons, paper pierce the bottom black paper and stamp the white text next to it.