Holiday Greeting

Since it is December and I’m trying to catch up on card making to send out I came up with this: I’m not sure if you can see it really well but I sponged sky blue and marigold behind the tree. On the ground, it’s a mix of brown, olive, and moss. I am still not very good at this sponging technique, I have a few dark/think blotches but after a few dabs I think I was feeling better about my sponging technique. I sponge all the time but rarely all over the whole card like this. Usually I’d just

Garden Sillhouettes Thank You

I made this for a friend of mine. Which and what for I won’t say in case she checks my blog {::smiles}. This was a fun card to make. Again I’m using my new papers from SU: Dashing. I love the colors and even though it seems really Christmasy, I’m finding that the feel can be altered depending on how you use the paper. For example with a bit of sponging, the stamp set, and the purpose, I made a card that feels nice and warm instead of holiday-ish. Least that’s what I feel. You tell me 😀 Material: Paper:

Baroque Motifs

I know this isn’t new stuff but it’s new to me. I knew that this set is quite popular and when I uploaded this to SCS, I just realized how many people just love using this set. But, despite it’s popularity and all the neat designs that I saw before I uploaded, I had a really hard time with it. I turned my card around how ever many times, thought of what to stamp, how to stamp, etc. I spent a loooong time on this card and what did I get? Maybe something that would take somebody 5 minutes to

Dashing and da Punch :D

I received my SU order the other day and I just had time to play with it. What did I come up with? After a good 30 minutes (yeah, a long *** time, creative block, really), here’s what I got: You can’t see the paper piercing on the scalloped paper. But they were pierced. I like how the embossing is making the card sparkle a bit. I think the next card I make I’m going to add some sparkles to it. I’m not big on sparkles but I should try something new.

Creating a Watermark in Photoshop

Ok, so there are many tutorials on how to create a watermark but I haven’t found one that’s really clear from just reading it or a video that has what I want to show you. Plus I just installed this new software at work and thought I’d try it out really quick on something fun. You’ve seen those fancy girls (I love those fancy girls, btw :)) on SCS’s gallery or blog where they have their card and their fancy signatures on the top, right corner, left top, etc. Watermarking is not just for signatures but also for photographers or

The Holiday Season

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was quite nice: fun and relaxing with the family. Now our favorite holiday is coming up, Christmas. It’s not all about the presents but it’s all about the atmosphere and that during this time, we somehow think less of us and more of others that we love. This year we decided to buy less but do more and even our little girl was on the same wave length as us. Here’s what we asked Emma, she’ll be 4 in February: Mom: What do you want from Santa, Emma? Emma: A pink sleeping