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This blog is my personal place. My husband, two girls, two dogs and I live in a little village in England. We’re Americans who have been living in this gorgeous country since April of 2010.

A few years ago I was very active in the papercrafting community. For a little while I did design work for some fantastic companies: WPlus9, Scarlet Lime, Two Sketches 4 You and more. While I do miss the challenges that comes with being a DT, I don’t miss the deadlines. Now I enjoy the occasional crafting but I tend to do more fabric or felt than paper.

In my spare time, when the girls are at school, I like to keep up my skills in technology and education. When I get a chance, I do a bit of photography, social media, graphic design and web developing work. But, due to the girls’ gymnastics (gymnastics is about 45min away and it takes up many evenings and weekends), my photography work is very limited. If anybody is interested in hiring my talent for small business social media consulting, graphic and/or web developing work, please feel free to contact me!

This 2016, for my blog, I want to focus on sharing more of our travels and experience of living in England. It’s been such a wonderful experience for us and the whole paper journaling didn’t quite work out for me 🙂

If you wish to follow along with our adventure, please feel free to follow my blog. Do say hi sometimes and if you have a blog/online public space where I can say hello, I’d love to visit you also!

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  1. Hi Savitri!
    I found you through SISTV ( in the message boards ) !! Great blog … I’m looking forward to exploring your tutorials …love what I’ve seen so far!! Pop in to my blog if you get a moment!!

  2. Hey girl – this is the first time I have seen this post and it is so nice to get to know you a bit better!!! You are a fantastic artist and I love all of your scrap-pages and your cards!!! I hope you have submitted some to the magazines by now – LOL?!? You have a great eye for details!!! I’m gonna browse some more now…..Hugs ~Silke~

  3. Thanks ladies for all the comments! I really appreciate every one of them and is always tickled when somebody takes the time to know more about me 🙂

  4. Hallo Savitri

    I am also come from Indonesia…
    I see your site trough Andrea in Germany
    Hope I can know you more close..
    Have a nice day


    Monika in Muenchen

  5. From checking your bio, you sound as great as your work. I went to the Kansas City Art Institute, funny I find you online several spots, and we are in the same town. (Not stalking you or anything 🙂 But I do some SU private swaps email me if you might like to join. I am figuring out CS3 on my own while working full-time, going to DeVry and doing SU too, plus mom and wife jobs. That workaholic thing, got it too. Nice to meet you on-line.


  6. Hello Savitri,

    I’m a learner in photoshop cs2.I liked your blog .can you give me your website ?I would appreciate if you tell me that after resizing the image how to save and email to somebody.


  7. Hello Sivitri!

    I love your blog and crafts! I am a paper and digital scrapbooker too. I found your blog through zakirah/matahati designs through her twit.

    I just want you to know that I am really inspired by you. I am happy to know you through this blog. You are so cool! And oh your daughter is super pretty! Kisses to her! mwuah!

  8. found you through the 2s4y site, and have followed a few of your links (both color sites are wonderful). I hope to be able to build a site like yours (I’m just a beginner). I’m using Photoshop Elements right now, but have cs2 that I bought a long time ago, but never loaded it, am thinking I should load and try to use it. I look forward to following your progress.

  9. Hi Sivitr!
    I just came upon your site, and must say – I’ve got a lot of exploring to do. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Can’t wait to dig in!

  10. HI Savitri,

    Your post is amazing. Your name is Indian. Savitri is Shiva’s wife. Shiva is a god in indian mythology and even Savitri is godess.


  11. I love your about me facts 🙂 Especially the one that “claims” you’d invest your money….only after a $10,000 lens….sounds like me!

    I’ve added you to my blogroll because you’re just TOO good and TOO inspiring not to!

  12. Hi Savitri!
    I found your pretty blog as part of the big blog hop today and thought I’d say hello! I think I’ll enjoy following your inspiration! If you ever find the time, check out my stuff over at Crimson Owl Creations! Happy New year!

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