Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts inspired centerpiece

Hey hey! Hope everybody is having a fantastic Sunday! It’s Mothering Sunday here in the UK and so if you’re from countries celebrating this today, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Emma had a competition, an early one too, where besides being scored on gymnastics, the kids can earn a special ribbon for their numbers. While a few kids do make their own numbers, many of them have help from the parents. Or a lot of help. In the past Emma’s participated in the creating of her number but this year, all Emma came up with was the theme. She said she wanted Alice in Wonderland cards.

This last year gym’s been hard for Emma. She’s been struggling and unlike the previous years, where she’s a strong gymnast for her spring competitions, Emma almost couldn’t go at all. She lost her moves and if you’re a parent of a gymnast, you know that this can happen for whatever reason. But Thursday she managed to get the required moves back even though they weren’t perfect.

The above was the main reason I went solo on this project and when I get free reign of something, I can go a bit overboard. Like this little number.

Now, while I did create this for a gymnastics competition where you only need to see one side, I don’t see why it can’t be used for a centerpiece. All you have to do different is glue the directionals around the straw and add a few bits and pieces on the other side.

Pinterest gave me a lot of help with this project. I didn’t come up with everything on my own. My only investment were packs of cards, a rose and the green foam thing that florists use to arrange flowers. Everything else came from seven years of hoarding papercrafting goods.


The rose idea came while I was browsing a shop in town. I saw the plastic white roses and thought of the card soldiers painting the white roses red because they made a mistake of planting a white one. I only had acrylic paint on hand and just randomly painted on the petals. I let them sit to dry and glue gunned the brush to the stem. I then wrapped it with crepe paper. I used UHU glue for this. Just glued the end of the crepe paper, roll, glue, roll, glue, roll, etc.

The soldier I freehand cut the arms, shoulders and heart face. The red heart I already had. They’re just chipboard hearts but you can use a die-cutter or just freehand also. The face… oh so not perfect, I drew on. They’re supposed to be heart mouth and nose. I then glued the little guy to the back of the brush. To make the rose a bit more fun, I freehand cut leaves using a couple of the playing cards.

The little cup was created using this tutorial from Tricky Little Corset. It was supposed to be for a fascinator (Love her make-up? Watch the make-up video tutorial),


but we did a hat last year for the competition and I was also inspired by this image:


I really wanted a standalone cup and I combined the two. PS, you can download the text for the directionals from Petaloo’s blog post. Included in the download is a template for a hat but it was too small for my needs and while I could make the template bigger, I had very little time. But they are soooooooooo cute! I may have to organize an Alice in Wonderland party and make little hats for all the guests! The clock was from a different website. It prints onto an 8.5×11 piece of paper but I chose (on my printer option) to print onto a 6.5 or so paper. I think it was envelope size. Perfect for what I needed.


A closer look from top to bottom.

I used paper straws left from Jovie’s birthday party. I just stuck one end of the straw to the other to make it longer. It held up well but I think next time I’d insert a pipe cleaner in there. It’ll just make it sturdier. En route to the gym meet I bang the top a bit and the straw got slightly dented.


Inside the cup is a small bit of florist foam. I covered it with green tissue paper and I also added rose red tissue paper around it (I know, you can’t tell that it’s rose patterned tissue paper).


This heart was the last thing I added. I was done and took a look at it and thought that the left bottom looked a bit bare. I have quite a bit of chipboard hearts and just used one with baker’s twine.


And a few close-ups. Just because I think the details are just too cute 😀

The little gymnast with her winning number. For the gymnastics portion, Emma placed 12th out of 30 some kids. Not bad for a kid who found her moves again a few days before the competition. Very proud of her for working through her challenges! She has another opportunity to perfect her moves and be her usual self in a month’s time. Hope she can do it!


I hope you have a fantastic day! I got to now clean up my big paper mess 😀

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