A Little Announcement

Hi again! I am still into blogging! I really am!! My motivation is up high and I’ve been working hard on a lot of things. Working so hard to the point of sleeping at 2am and waking up again at 8am (the later is mostly due to children, sans kids, I’d be waking up a bit later ;)).

Anyhoot, I want to do more for this blog. Not so much sharing crafty goodness like I used to but more of sharing tutorials. Unlike last time, when I was actively digital scrapbooking and papercrafting, my tutorials will not just focus on card making or scrapbooking. The topics can range from any Adobe product, depending on what I am working on that week, to travel tips and tricks, mostly on how to use technology.

What I missed while on hiatus from blogging and working was being able to share the information I learned and being a geek in general.

So, after nine years, I think, I finally upgraded my computer, up-to-date with Adobe products and ready to create some tuts again! I do have a few ideas in mind, but, if you have any needs, please let me know! I’d be focusing first on Lightroom and Photoshop (what I still know best since I was doing a bit of photography work the last couple of years — ok, I wasn’t completely bumming it :D) and gradually moving on to InDesign and Illustrator. Eventually, or in between, I may add Premier and Acrobat. I know the later but I’m really not a fan of creating Acrobat tuts 🙂

I also use a lot of apps and websites to help me plan my travels. We travel almost every school holiday, even if it’s just locally. And they all need planning. I’ve been traveling since I was little but after six years of actively traveling with a family and doing a lot of planning, I’ve become a kick ass travel planner. There are many many solo travelers out there sharing tips and a few family ones but I think there needs to be at least one more family traveler sharing tips and tuts. So here I am 😉

I am also in the midst of starting a branding and web design/front end developing business which will cater to creative solo entrepreneurs (solopreseurs as many like to call it) and bloggers. Anybody from writers and my papercrafting friends I’d love to one day work with.

I am creating a new website and blog for this and this will be the new home for tutorials and tips on how to blog better, how to not get burnt out (like me), how to bounce out of it if it happens (like me), and since I’ve been working as a WordPress front end developer (basically means I make blogs not only look pretty but also functional) since 2007, I think I’ll be able to give you some great tips specific to your needs.

I’ll be announcing this more in a few weeks and I shall also have a few giveaways. Watch this space!


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