Quick Non-Spicy Chicken, Spinach and Chickpeas Curry

Hi again! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

We LOVE Meal Planning!

For the third year our family or I am to be exact, is still going strong with the meal plan. Meal planning has not only saved us money but it has also helped us from wasting too much raw material. I have also quit our weekly veg delivery service. I tried really hard to work my recipes around the box content (that I’ve customised) but it was still limiting and I ended up giving away or throwing a bit of the content away. Right now we’re still not perfect, we still waste food, but we’re so much better!


Today I want to share a quick non-spicy chicken, spinach and chickpeas curry (although adding Thai chillies to this dish will make it 3x better!). Unlike the rest of us, Jovie does not like any type of hot food. Add a tiny bit of black/white pepper and that child would taste it! Like Emma, I tried to gradually build her up but so far, it’s been a fail. Because of her, I cook our dishes not spicy and we just individually add the hotness at the table.

Besides not spicy, this dish is also quick. If you don’t mess about or take photos in between, you can get this done in less than an hour! Better yet, the 30 minutes the pot is simmering, you can use to play Candy Crush, browse Pinterest, blog, or tidy up (but who does this last bit, right? ;)).

TIP: Before we get to the recipe, I want to share a photo of how to crush the lemongrass. You just put the lemongrass under your chef knife (or any wide knife) and just whack  the flat part of the knife with your palm or fist (I prefer my palm). This is also the same method for removing garlic skin and garlic crushing. You cut the ends off the garlic and then gently whack. The skin will easily peel off and that’s it. If you want to have smaller pieces of garlic, just do a rough mince.


When I follow recipes, I always wonder how big of a ginger they’re using. Sometimes I go to the shop and all I can find are fat gingers. Another time they’d be skinny. A few times I followed a recipe my dish had too much ginger flavour. I think it was because I had a fat ginger and an inch of it was almost like two inches of ginger. For this recipe, I used a medium ginger about 1.25″/3cm wide.


I am a lazy cook. I’m not lazy cooking, I am lazy tidying up. It’s probably why I always cook for the family. The general rule in our home is that whoever doesn’t cook will clean up after. While I try my best to throw and rinse while cooking, there are still pots and pans after that need washing and ya know, I just don’t like doing them. So, even though 75% of the time the hubby will do the washing, I do my best to use as little tools just in case I have to clean up after.

For clear soups, I like to start with broth first. But for curries and stews, I like to do a bit of browning first. Also, most recipes will ask you to do the garlic and onions first. Or, they say to fry the meat first and then put them aside. Well, putting aside means an extra dirty dish, and so I just skip this part and I fry the chicken first and then do onion and garlic. Now, I can put the semi cooked chicken on the plastic container it came in but I seem to always forget this and I toss the plastic into the bin soon after the chicken goes into the pot. So, either be lazy like me or take the chicken out after the six minutes of frying, dump onion and garlic in, and mix again a few minutes later.

For my pot, I only own enamel pots. I love how the heat spreads and I can, if need be, go from stove top to oven using the same pot. Less washing 😉

Cooking photos are never gorgeous, but this was at about six minutes of cook time.


I hope you feel inspired to try this recipe and if you do, I’d love it if let me know and see how you think. I would love your feedback! It’s my first recipe share 🙂

Oh, since I am a complete noob on this recipe blogging thing, I forgot to photograph the end product. After the curry was done, we grabbed a big bowl and started eating. Thankfully I found a bit left this morning and managed to gather this much up to share with you.



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