Favourite Local Footpath

Do you know the secret to always fitting into your favourite jeans? Get an active dog and walk her every other day at least!

Poppy is a Border Collie and Boxer mix – how the mix came about was an accident I was told. She’s sweet like a Boxer but very alert and active like a Collie. Poppy is just 10.5-months-old and all she wants to do is play or walk all day long! She’s not overwhelming, we can tell her to sit or lay down, but if we can throw her toy or ball for hours at a time, she’d happily keep moving.

I haven’t been walking the dogs the last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy or if not busy, raining. The other day though, while a bit nippy, the air was crisp and every so often the sun would say hello. Usually, we’d just walk the dogs in our village. Within two to five minutes walk from our house there are at least four walking paths to choose from. But on this day, the hubby and I decided to walk on my favourite path behind Anglesey Abbey. Anglesey Abbey is owned and managed by the National Trust. It’s a paid site. If you’re a member of NT (yearly membership), you can go in as many times as you wish. Our National Trust membership gives us access to about 500 sites (Stonehenge, Dover Castle, Whitby Abbey, Isaac Newton’s home, etc) and for about $150/year, it’s a sweet deal!


We usually park at the Abbey’s car park. Since we’re members, it’s free. From the carpark, the footpath starts. Our dogs have been here a few times and since it was a really quiet day, no other car here besides ours, we didn’t even bother leashing the dogs up.


Isn’t the mill lovely? To the right of the lode is the property that NT manages. No dogs are allowed. Understandable since the gardens and grounds are just lovely. To the left, where we were at, is the public footpath (even though I think NT still owns the land).


It was a really muddy walk that day and very pleased that we were both wearing wellies. I was extra pleased that my £20 (50% off display models :D) wellies from Joules were comfy. I thought maybe I may get blisters at the two miles mark but nope! All around success!!

Poppy was not bothered by the mud but poor Max was tip-toeing through and he looked miserable 🙂 Unless posted or in a village/town/city, well behaved dogs are allowed to walk off leash. Both our dogs are great off leash and they’d come and heel if need be (although Poppy’s not that great yet when there’s another active dog coming her way). Once or twice Poppy jumped into the water but compare to the many Springer Spaniels or Labs walking this path, Poppy isn’t bad. Max… He’s a clean guy! 🙂


Like hubby’s bag? That was his Christmas present. Hubby has been participating in many WW2 reenactment events the last few years and has been slowly growing his collection. He absolutely loves this bag and has been using it for walking. In it are dog leads, treats, drinks and poo bags.


For the most part, public footpaths are clearly marked and you may be walking through somebody’s farm land. Sometimes you’ll see animals grazing and when you do, you need to leash up the dogs when passing. The gate below is called a kissing gate. It lets people in and out but not livestock.


The signage below is not often found but it’s nice when you see one. It gave us an idea of where we were and which direction to take. The first time we came here we just winged it. The signaged helped!


We did the short route this walk, 3.25 miles total. But if you have the time, you can choose the five, 10 or even more mile walk. You can even village or pub hop!

When walking the dogs out in between fields, you won’t be able to find a bin to chuck your poo bag into. But all around villages and towns poo bins are accessible before or near the start of a footpath.


This below is the Lode Village allotment. An allotment is basically a piece of land that the villagers can rent to grow fruits or veg. Some homes here have a small garden/yard or they rather not have veg/fruits back there. For whatever reason, people can rent space and grow things in the allotment.


The sprouts look lovely!!


Walking back to the car I saw a few flowers and odd seed like plants. I’m not very good with plants/flowers so here are just photos of them. Maybe you can help me name them.


Some berry like plant.


And here’s Poppy not wanting to go in the car. The walk wasn’t long enough for her…


Hope you enjoyed the walk and more photos can be viewed below. Until next time!!

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