Classroom Teddy

Going through my photos in my attempt to clean up my hard drive, I found this little number that I’ve never posted.

To those with at least a school age child… Has your child ever been given a class teddy to take home over the weekend or a school holiday?

When Jovie was in reception, kindergarten in the US, her teacher asked her to bring Spud home for the week. For a 4-years-old (UK children starts school the year they turn five. Jove’s a June baby so she started full-time school just a few months after her fourth birthday) this was the highlight of her school year! For a whole week the classroom teddy, or dinosaur, went everywhere with her.

With the dino came a book. It’s just a regular book that the child (or parents) can journal and share where Spud’s been. Jovie and I skimmed through and it’s impressive where Spud’s been (I think the furthest he traveled to was Germany). Initially I wanted Jovie to draw and write something but being four and just learning to write, the writing was never going to happen.

Being the scrapbooker I was, I grabbed a few bits and pieces of paper + embellishments and I became the parent that skipped over the helping bit and went straight to taking over. The end result, a lovely spread 😀

I did have a lot of fun doing this and I really had high hopes that I’d get my scrapbooking mojo back. But nope, not even close.

Hope you enjoy the spread and I hope I’m not the only mom who took over her child’s classroom teddy bear journal.

Until next time!!

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