Almost a Year Without Blogging

Hello all!

It feels a bit odd to be writing here again after being absent for almost a year. I have no craft to share. I haven’t done a lot this year and when I did do a few bits and pieces, I haven’t felt the motivation to photograph them. I haven’t done a lot of photographing either. I did one and that was just a little gift for a friend. Oh, I did do something as a going away present for one of Jovie’s teacher but that’s it.

For Christmas, I was surprised I received presents I needed and wanted. I didn’t even know what I’d like to get for myself, let alone have others, even the husband and girls, get me something I may enjoy. But they did well and I was surprised.

I hope all of you who celebrated had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was low key and for once I was ready days before the big day (grocery shopped and house was stocked up with toilet paper).

This year has gone by so fast and to catch you up on things, let me give you a little summary…

We have a new puppy. Her name’s Poppy and she is about 9-months-old now. She’s super sweet although a bit too eager to play.

Both girls are now in gymnastics. Emma had a bit of falling out of love with gym but she seems to be back into it again. But, the love is not the same and I wouldn’t be surprise if 2016 will be her last year in it. We’ll see. Jovie is a development program. This year will be her first year competing if she continues to develop well. She absolutely loves gym at the moment but unlike Emma, she’s more talent than hard work and motivation. She messes about, a lot, and again, we’ll see.


Look at her. You only see cheekiness and fun in that child.

I am still the chauffeur of the family. I did try for a job earlier in the year. Got called in for an interview even. But it didn’t feel good and the job was an hour away. So instead, I’ve been busy doing social media and backend work for a charity besides working on a website for a non-profit organization. I do hope to do a few more websites this year and publish a few things that I’ve been working on.

For trips, we went to Rome, Venice, Budapest and Prague this year. We wanted to add a few more cities but hubby didn’t have enough vacation time. Even Rome and Italy was done without him. I’ll share photos from the trips on different posts. They’ll give me something to write about 🙂

The last week I have been in the mood to pick up my camera again. I upgraded my computer, Photoshop and Lightroom. I can work a bit faster and play with a few tools. The result of messing with new toys is a new editing style for me, which you can see in this post.

So that’s that. Two more years of living in England and going to try and make the most of it!

2 thoughts on “Almost a Year Without Blogging

  1. It’s no nice to hear from you!! Your kids have grown so much, I remember Emma from those times when she had a challenge for kids and my daughter won once, oh those times!! Jovie is adorable! She looks like a free spirit kid.
    Happy New Year!!
    Many blessings!

  2. Hey Savitri, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Good you’re still around and still (sometimes) blogging – I know the feeling with only crafting sometimes and then forgetting to photograph it/ not feeling like photographing it/ forgetting to post it etc. 😉

    I have been using Bloglovin’ since Google Reader stopped its service and have been quite happy with it. Lovely photos, great editing! Yes, why not write about your trips or something the like.

    As you probably saw, I posted on Jan 7th! Shocking, I know 😀
    Not a lot of text either, but at least some nice pics, I think.

    All the best from southern Germany (where I am now procrastinating and avoiding prep work for my classes this upcoming week ;)),

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