Vroom Vroom

I wanted to do something for the boys. Having two girls, it’s never that difficult to find little fun things for the girls’ goodie bags or stocking stuffers. But boys, that’s a bit of a dark zone for me!

So the other day, while browsing the toy aisle at the BX on base, I came upon these: Fresh Metal Slickers. IMHO, they’re more fun than Match Box Toys because these ones move forward after you pull them back! I like!!

To make it more festive, I added some chocolates tied up with baker’s twine (although you can use any string). Here’s the tricky part, tying the strings! In order to not get frustrated with this project, you need to first tape the chocolates together with any clear tape (just fold the tape around so that it’s sticky on top and bottom, or you can use double sided tape) and then tie the string around.

The result, no little boy or girls will be able to resist these little goodness 🙂







2 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom

  1. Oh, I love these! What a clever idea… and those cars are really pretty too. Nicer than some I’ve seen.

    Can I ask where to get them? Thinking of getting for Ryan 🙂

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