Crafting for the Holidays

Hello again!! What have you been up to lately?

We did a bit of traveling up north during the girls’ school break and I’ve been busy helping organize a Christmas fair and doing a bit of crafting for the event also. I know our stall will have lots of cards since a few of my great crafty friends have kindly said they will mail me a box of goodness, a few yarn wreaths (since I have a butt load of yarn from a local friend), tags, gift card holders, ornaments and hopefully more yarn goods since I have A LOT! I don’t have a minimum number to make and so if I get one done, then be it. Whatever profit our booth makes will go to the Brain Tumour Charity via Sophie’s Smile.

I’ve been having fun again with my craft, I guess the whole variety of things and having a purpose did it, and I cannot wait to share with everybody in a few weeks time at the fair. Unlike my blog posts, where I don’t care if anybody likes what I created, I seriously do hope that those who visits the fair will like my creations enough to buy them. I want to make a lot of money for the charity!!

If you wish to create a star like the above, this were the tutorials I followed:



I bought my sheet music from a charity/thrift shop. I got a bit for £2. But I think the ones I bought were a bit too old for the project. There’s a lot of folding involved (although you can eliminate the pentagon folding if you use a template) and by the end, my already fragile paper was a bit more so. But, it does look so pretty!

Here are a couple photos from our trip:


Whitby, Yorkshire, UK. The inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


The Lake District. We visited Beatrix Potter’s home while there. It was so neat and I think her home is now number one on my favorite places I’ve visited list. I felt a bit emotional walking into her home and this girl is not at all emotional!

Until next time!! Hugs!

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