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We have another gymnast in the house! It’s only been four weeks but Jovie seems to be enjoying it. This is her fifth attempt at organized activity (she’s quit three of them) and I haven’t seen signs of not wanting to go. In the past, it’s usually after the second session that she’ll start to balk. Besides gymnastics, Jovie also does theatre but she really doesn’t like it and only goes because we think it’s something she’ll (eventually) like. Ha ha! I know, we’re so bad!


At gymnastics, her and her little friends have many opportunities to earn stickers. She’s been asking for a sticker book to collect all her stickers in (currently the two she’s earned are in my Filofax) and I told her that I’ll get her one. I was going to get her one but, I saw this cute little tag book on Pinterest and I thought I’d give it a go. Emma, from Gathering Beauty, also had an origami box tutorial and so I made that also. Jovie was soooooo happy to receive her little present this morning! One.Happy. Little. Girl!


For this mini book I used a die-cut template from Stampin-Up! I think. But you can use whatever die cut, or tag, and go for it. Score the cover and then score in the middle of the book bit, staple and voila.


The paper came from a legal pad. I think my book came out to be 2″x3″ and I just guillotine a piece of paper accordingly.


See how tiny it is? But perfect for Jovie’s little hands! The five-years-old with a three-years-old hand 🙂


And here’s my box, with help from Kate at picklebums. I need the box for Christmas goodies, thus the Christmas paper, but I figure I’d use it once for Jovie and then re-use later in a few months. Nobody will notice, right? This box was from a 6″x6″ pad. The bottom of the box I trimmed to a 5.5″x5.5″. A 5.75″x5.75″ will be ok too but it felt really tight. Give both a go on a regular piece of paper first and see which is best for you. The end product is a 2″x2″ box. An 8.5″x8.5″ paper produced a 3″x3″ and a 12″x12″ sheet made a 4″x4″ box.

Note: May want to tape, cute washi tape maybe, the center together. But I think after you put your little giftie in there, the box will hold up just fine.


Soooooo, glad I found these two tutorials because I have a lot of pattern papers that I don’t really care to use in any of my scrapbook pages!


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