Finding Places Using Google Map

There are lots of wonderful apps that Google has to offer and one of my favorite, next to Google Search, is Google Map.

I love maps. With a map you can go from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper or electronic map, maps get you there! Two big features of Google Map that I love is its ability to find establishments in the area I am interested in. So if I am in downtown Seattle and I need a hotel, I can type in “hotel” onto Google Map and it’ll give me a list of them. Ditto if I ask for “scrapbook store” and it’ll fill the map with choices (or so I hope).

While Google search is fabulous and I love searching for places to stay and eat on TripAdvisor, I always feel the need to use Google Map to do more digging JUST in case there’s a place I miss. Some smaller B&Bs for example do not have their business listed due to cost or maybe they don’t want a whole lot of people booking. I know the later is odd but I found a place just late last year where the host didn’t want to be too busy with new visitors. She already has a great list of regulars and even though you cannot Google Search the B&B by town/area, i.e. B&B in/near Harrypotterville, it does show on Google Map and it also shows reviews on TripAdvisor since the B&B does have a website. Clever lady!

Ok, so I am a bit OCD this way, but that’s me.

I also love to Google Walk the area that I will be passing or going to. Especially when I am traveling alone or with the girls. I feel safer this way.

I know it’s been years since I created my last video so bare with me but I do hope you find what I have here useful for your next travel or searching in general.


Until next time!!!

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