Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day 2014


Just a little love post from me to you. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful day today! We’re not one to celebrate Valentine’s day by going out for a romantic dinner etc but if there’s a special day to celebrate love, kindness, giving, and anything nice, we’re there!

I cannot wait for the girls to come home. Again, we’re not having anything super special but a little extra love, yummy cupcakes from my favorite cake lady, cards and decors will make their end of the week (and start of their school break) extra lovely.

Take care and I shall share how I created the 10, maybe 15, minutes bunting with you next post! Thanks to all the gorgeousness from WPlus9, all the above were able to be created. Do check out WPlus9’s blog for all sorts of fun challenges and giveaways to celebrate their birthday. Lots of inspirations and tips this week alone!!

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