Meal Planning Week One

Meal PlanningI attempted to plan our meals for the week today at the grocery store’s cafe while sipping my (free) coffee. It all started out well, or so I thought, until I got to Tuesday. Then by Thursday everything had to be rearranged again and by Saturday, I felt like I needed a new sheet of paper. One thing that made my list a bit jumbled up was my vege deliver from Abel and Cole. I almost forgot that one is coming this Tuesday and after looking at it, a few things needed swapping.

Abel and Cole

See, not sensible to buy squash today for the lobster bisque when one will come tomorrow morning!

Up to today, I would just go to the grocery store and plan our meals as I walk through the aisle. Doing this has caused a few issues. One, we would have two bags of something (because I didn’t check to see what we had at home first), two, we then ended up not cooking what I thought we’d cook and three, by Wednesday (garbage day), we say a lot of money thrown into the trash in the form of half used cream, rotten veggies, food nobody wanted to eat, etc etc etc.

Besides trying to save money, use raw material we already have and eat everything I make, I want to try a few new recipes each week. I tend to cook things I know we all at least like and I know there are more out there than the two handfuls of stuff I am really good at cooking.

So here’s this week’s menu. The only old dish I have in there is Cincinnati chili. If you’ve never had Skyline chili, or any Cincinnati style ones, you NEED to try this. SO yummy!

Monday: A dish inspired by this Couscous recipe. I don’t have any cauliflower and I didn’t want to buy a whole head of it. There’s nothing I want to do with cauliflower this week. Instead of cauliflower, I shall bake some bell peppers and toss it in the dish.

Tuesday: Lobster bisque! Tuesday is a busy day. It’s gym day. The girls get out of school at 3:15p and we need to leave for gym at 5p. Jovie and hubby (he rolls in right at 5p or a few minutes before) stays home and so I need to prepare a dish that will be good fresh AND warmed up a bit. I happen to have frozen baguette in the freezer and so I only had to splurge on the (very frozen — all I could find) lobster for this.

Wednesday: Hubby will cook — another gym night — BUT, if he can’t (for whatever reason), I will cook the Korean Jap Chae noodles. Amazingly, I already have everything I need for it.

Thursday: The Jap Chae dish will be cooked this day if not cooked Wednesday. If already cooked, plan B is Cincinnati Chili. I’ve cooked this many times and I’ve tried many recipes. I’ve improvised since but the closest to what I do is this one. I don’t though cook the onions first. I put the water in first, then meat and then everything else. When the water is still cold, I put the ground beef in the water and break the meat up. I’d then stir frequently. Once the water starts to boil, I’d add the onions etc.

Friday: Bacon and Parmesan Pasta — and we all know, anything with bacon will be delicious!! M has a birthday party to go to, not sure if there’s a full meal or not but I want to be able to cook early and feed her before she goes to her party. This dish seems like something fast and easy.

Saturday: I almost forgot that it’s our friend’s birthday, so we’ll be fed there {::SMILES}

I’ve included my receipt with this post. £50! This is pretty good I think. Don’t try to convert pounds to dollars when you live overseas (and getting paid in dollars) or you’ll never eat. I could have spent less, there are cheaper shops, but we like Waitrose’s food philosophy (they also seem to care about their employees) and so we shop there. It’s similar to why we shop at Whole Foods, farmer’s markets, co-ops and case lots/CSA in the US.

I am looking forward to week two! I am already searching Allrecipes, Food Network, Martha Stewart and my Julia Child recipe book!






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