PL Week 1

Project Life Week 1

Whoohoo! Go my cover page/week one done! Now I am working on week two! I have a lot of scrapbooking to do but I am very much organized in terms of keeping track of all the day-to-day highlights/happenings up to day 12! I haven’t been like this in ages — since I didn’t have a job anymore basically — and it’s quite comforting!

For my PL, I don’t want to necessarily document every single thing we did everyday. I want to highlight what we/I did or thought of that week. So for my week one, I added two sewing photos, since they’re still new to me and something I really want to be good at this year and goals.

While I am quite confident about how I want to document our 2014, I am though not so sure how to photograph my weeks in a nice way. I don’t have a really good set up for it and there’s that glare from the plastic sleeve. Any suggestion? So until I figure this bit out, I’ll just take a few bits out and highlight them like below.

Here’s one of the inserts I did. Just some splattered ink, Thickers, alpha stickers, stamps and my handwriting.

Project Life Week 1

Thi one is very easy too. I actually accidently blotch the paper with orange ink (see top right near the washi tape) and the rest are just Thickers, washi and stickers. Oh, I did use WPlus9’s alphabet stamps to write out “OLW”. It was really hard to list one for this year but I figured if I can listen better I can do the rest better too. My brain goes 200 mph often times and I often times can’t pay attention. I then assume quite a bit and that gets me in trouble. So this year I want to slow down and listen better. Project Life Week 1

Just a few of my goals. I am working on getting rid of a lot of stuff, learn to sew more AND use my sewing bits to brighten up the house and have days where we’re not plugged in. Project Life Week 1

And I LOVE this card by Crate Paper I think. I want to remember to do all those things in 2014. I am too serious and judgy. Which can make me a bit uptight and nothing is good enough if not perfect. I want to be less complicated I suppose and just be happy with the little things. The stamp by WPlus9 is perfect here too, a little “hello there” from Strictly SentimentsProject Life Week 1

So that’s it. First week. And quite happy with how it turned out.
Project Life Week 1

Project Life Week 1

Hoping to finish week two in the next few days and continue to photograph and journal the upcoming days.


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  1. I really admire those that do PL…I think I’m too scattered to keep track of stuff from day to day. I really liked it when you said that you wanted to highlight what you did or thought during each week and not document. A change of a word can turn a task on its head. Perhaps I should try to highlight this year. It will be my last year to teach. I’m retiring after 38 years of teaching! You’ve inspired me to at least look into the possibility of doing it. I’m following you, so I hope to learn more from you as you post! BTW, your work is beautiful! I love the way your page turned out! Robin

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