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This year I have the ultimate goal of getting all sorts of things organized. I have things in different rooms that need to be be out of this house, I have baby toys in Jovie’s room still, clothes in my closet that I haven’t looked at since we moved here and I really want to be able to budget better, manage the home better and not faff about so much or be so last minute. While I haven’t missed any important deadline, often times I’d have to be up until 5 a.m. to complete them.

So, to help me accomplish this oh so big goal, I need a few organizing tools – digital and paper. I downloaded Any.Do app on my phone to remind me of what I need to do and I write everything in my Google Calendar. This way it’s synced up to my computer and iPad. For my finances, I have HomeBudget (which I bought since I love it so much and need the advance features). I love it because I can add dollars and pounds expenses and accounts in one app.

If it was just me, myself and I, I can do with just those three apps above. But I live with my husband and an older very active child. Also, I think it’d be nice if Jovie, who can read simple things, see when her birthday is and that there’s a gigantic princess sticker stuck on her special day — kid is sticker crazy and her goal in life is to be a princess!

To help me I went online. I want to go the inexpensive route <– budgeting goal! And I found sooooooooooo many wonderful, customizable, calendars and planners!

Here I will just highlight some of my favorites. For more, you can check out my Pinterest board.

Sara Woodrow. Ahhh… if only I can draw like her. Sooooooooooo pretty! And yes, her work will be displayed in our house. I <3!!


I Heart Nap Time. LOTS of fabulous ideas for families and if you’re not a regular reader, I encourage you to do so. But the below will be our family paper planner. I have paper, a printer (although kind of low on ink) and a binder!


Vintage Glama. If you want a one year calendar (which you can Copic, ha!), this may fit your need. Isn’t it pretty? I love the leafy and floral swirls.


Els Brige. If you’re feeling MORE creative, you can download this calendar, stamp, glue, paint, etc on one side and then bind all the pages together. How FANTASTIC, huh? This actually may inspire me to do something for M! But we’ll see, I have other crap to do before that happens!

Crafty Desk Calendar


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