No Editing Collage Printing


From your mobile.

Project Life-ers, Instagramers or mini scrapbookers who want to print their mobile phone photos easily will need one (or both) of these phone apps! Available for Apple, Android and Windows mobiles.

I have two photo collage app on my phone. One is free, with add-on purchase option, and the other is £.69/$.99 and it comes with all sorts of fun things. The best part is, BOTH have templates for 4×6 prints! Which basically means, I can (if I have a wireless printer) print directly from my phone. I also know that some places, like Costco or Shutterfly (and many others), have the option to print directly from your phone! Sweet, huh?

At home I have a Canon Selphy ES30 (next month Canon is releasing their latest model, the CP-910, and it will have a square template for Instagram kind of pics). It’s probably considered ancient by today’s standards but it still works great. The lack of wireless sometimes make me want to upgrade but for the time being, it’s ok.

Since I use my iPhone a lot to take daily photos. I downloaded Pic Stitch (I still haven’t upgraded) and just splurged on PicFrame (choose the 3:4 ratio to print almost perfectly on a Selphy) mostly because the frames are super cute and I can do heart shapes etc — ok, completely cheesy and worthless reason but for $.99, I deserve it {::WINK}.

Below are the two printouts using PicFrame (top) and PicStitch (bottom). You can’t really tell the difference, huh? Maybe on the bottom right corners but it could also be because the paper came in crooked. Either way, both photos are usable.

Sample Pic Sample Pic

And this was how the photo looked on the Selphy monitor. I didn’t do any adjusting. Just select and print.


The below was the reason why I spent $.99 on PicFrame. SUCKER!! Ha ha! But don’t you LOVE the rounded corners AND the stripes?


Oh, there’s more! You can add cute little washi tape notes too with PicFrame. COMPLETELY SOLD! Best $.99 purchase this year!


Last, how it all looks all trimmed inside a Project Life sleeve. Three photos in one print without any editing!

Project Life

My husband won’t get my enthusiasm surrounding these two apps and their abilities to help me print and display cute photos. But that’s why I have this blog and other photo enthusiast friends.

Ta ta for now!

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