My Project Life Organizer

Project Life Organizer

I think, for any hobbyist, the biggest challenge of collecting and gathering tools and supplies is storage. Most people prefer to have all their things organized in a certain way and many people look high and low for the perfect space/storage compartment to house all their goodies.

I’m new to Project Life. I did start, well kind of start, last year. But it only went as far as buying. The actually working it was almost non-existent. I didn’t decide to do it until the second week of January and by the time I got supplies in, it was the end of January. By the time I got my first kit subscription (Citrus Twist), it was the end of February. By then I was too behind to bother. So as usual I did a few scrapbook pages here and there.

But this year, it’s a different story. I have stuff! And while they’re 2012/2013 designs, they’re all lovely and I am, well kind of, pass the only-using-what’s-latest-and-greatest supplies. Living where I live now in the UK and only working when I want to work has curbed my (crazy) spending on craft goods habits.

For my PL storage system, I really wanted to get the IKEA Raskog, $49. BUT, England’s IKEA is selling it for £50! Which is more less $80! This doesn’t make sense!! Most of the time the prices are not that huge of a difference. For example a 5×5 Expedit is $199 (before tax) in the US and £130 (around $212 with tax included) here. So depending where you’re at in the US, the Expedit is more less the same. So I shall wait for a sale!


Lovely isn’t it? The one above is Heidi Swapps. You can see how people are using the Raskog on Pinterest. It’s pretty neat!!

In the meantime, I am using this crib I found at a charity shop (Goodwills are in the charity shops category) for £5 ($8-ish). I had baby prop, for my photography, in mind when I bought it but after some thought, the crib makes a really cool Project Life organizer!

I don’t remember where I got the wicker container but it fit the 4×6 and 3×4 cards really well. I can also place the Citrus Twist rubber stamps next to the 3×4 cards. A few months ago I also found some American Craft baker’s twine at my local TKMaxx ( =TJMaxx) for really cheap and I plan to use them this year. Next to it, all the 6×6 pads that came with my kits and a few that I bought at TKMaxx for £2.99/ea. The back bit is not easy to see but I know what are there. Alpha sticker on the right, 12×12 paper in the back and sentiment/embellishment stickers in between. I don’t have much still so it’s still easy to remember where things are.

Project Life Organizer

Besides the Citrus Twist kits and my small purchases, I’ve also gathered all the WPlus9 stamps that I can use to stamp lines, sentiments, backgrounds and cute little embellishments.

Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9

I have more background stamps and the seasonal ones but it’s still January and I only dug out the ones I can use on a daily basis. My crib can’t fit anymore and I do want a good visual of what I have.

When I was a Designer for Pebbles Inc, owned by American Craft, I was about to buy all sorts of AC Thickers for a huge discount (one of the perk of being a Pebbles DT during my time) and I stocked up. I have lots and I plan on using many of them this year! I don’t have a good storage system for this yet (to where I can see what I have better) but once that Raskog comes on sale, I can put most of what’s in this bin on the bottom cart.

Project Life Supplies

And here’s my pile. I craft on the floor. I sewed on the floor too but I found that it was actually better when I used my table. HA!

Project Life 2014 I need to print a couple photos and I’ll be done with my cover page for PL. It’s week 2 now for me and I cannot wait to see what memories, good or bad, we will make and the lessons learned this week!

Have a great day! xx


4 thoughts on “My Project Life Organizer

  1. OMG! OMG! Savitri I loveee your way of organising your stash! and wow so much of awesomeness..:) well I too am a floor crafter more often than not. Don’t know why but I almost always end up crafting on the floor;)

  2. I’m starting Project life too…last year was a total failure but I’m going to make it happen in 2014 🙂 I have been eyeing the Ikea Raskog too but it too cost about $80 here 🙁

  3. Love your storage ideas! I used to craft on the floor all the time, but 38 years of teaching primary children (kindergarten and first) has curbed my tolerance for it. Now I’m in a chair and my supplies puddle around me until I look like I’m stranded on an island somewhere! I’m new to following you, but I think I will love reading your blog! Good Luck with Project Life! Robin

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