wplu9I am so excited about today! I am going away. To Belfast. Alone! No kids or husband. Just a couple girlie friends and I!

Last time I went alone overnight with just the girls was last year. To London. We had a really fun time (and hoping my friend would get back to the hotel safely since she was Boris biking drunk in the middle of the night) but this trip, not only will it be a few nights more but it requires an airplane ride.

I remember my first big going away after I had M. She was about 2-years-old and our first phone cry was full of sobs. Not on my end, but hers.

I do miss the family when I am away but away time for me is so rare that I (selfishly) smile more than anything else. It’s the once in a few years where I get to only think about what to pack for myself.

So here’s to Belfast! Hope I am not on the same plane as a lot of nuns (my friend said most plane crash movies have nuns in them) and that I don’t fall off the rope bridge! Dry weather is in the forecast and so the girlies and I should have a fabulous weekend away!

Until next week!!

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