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Journalist: So, what’s it like to be a stay-at-home-mom in the day time?
Savitri: Blissfully dull!

The girls have been in school for almost four weeks now. Since Jovie’s a June baby, she didn’t start full time from day one. Her first week, Thursday and Friday, she only went in the afternoon, 1:15-3:15p. The next week she went M-Fri 9a-12:30p and last week she went to school full-time, 9a-3:15p.

Last week I made myself a schedule. Monday was grocery shopping and deep cleaning the downstairs. Tuesday I put more stuff from random boxes away and laundry. Wednesday I worked on my office/scraproom and cleaned the upstairs. Thursday I blogged and Friday I tidied up so that we could go on a little weekend getaway. In between all that I emailed a few people, did some travel research, started and finished reading a book, played Candy Crush and upgraded my Hay Day barn. Major accomplishment there!

This week. I did my grocery shopping yesterday and some cleaning and today I cleaned some more. When there’s no child around, cleaning goes fairly quickly. When your kids are pretty good at tidying up, the house stays pretty neat. Except for Jovie’s room (that child is like the Tasmanian Devil but to be fair, her room isn’t that bad, 15min of picking up and putting away will sort her room out), the house is presentable.

Tomorrow I am going to start work. I have no interest in doing anymore domestic goodness. I have no client to meet but I have a few photography bits I want to sort out. I am hoping the little bit of work that I have will keep me entertained but if not, I may have to seriously find a part-time or voluntary job to do. I suppose I can start working out again but still, that’s only an hour (and one would have to torture me to go more than an hour).

So yes. It’s quite nice and relaxing to have the whole house to myself but at the same time, it’s awfully boring and while my husband always say it’s quite stressful, I do envy him going to work everyday. Going to a place where you can do what you’re really good at with other adults to communicate with.

That’s it for now. I shall use the rest of my free time to chill a bit before I make the hour drive to gymnastics.


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