M’s Scrapbook Contest

Hello hello!! I am still alive!! The weather’s been great, the kids’ been busy and I’ve just been busy with them, house and photography. I am though itching to do lots of scrapbooking if nothing else!! Oh, and some sewing!

In a month’s time we’ll be moving to a house just in the next village. We’ll miss our village but the girls will still be in the same school for a little bit longer, or Emma may move and Jovie stay – we’ll see, but there will be so many more positives at our new place than not and we’re excited! I’ll tell you more about it after we settle!

Right now, M has a scrapbook competition for this summer break and I working very hard to not take over. Emma did ask for help though getting it started and so I’ve been raking my head to figure out what’s best.

I thought of doing a mini Project Life and also a make your own kraft bag album with lots of colorful embellishment. I am leaning more towards the later but the PL is going to be so easy and manageable for M. Plus I think you can keep adding if needed. With the kraft bag, there will be lots of space to put lot of photos, tickets, notes, etc inside the bag itself or inside a glassine bag. I was going to sew the glassine bag onto the kraft bag. I know it’s redundant but I am going for pretty. Then Emma can do the sticking, adding content etc. So basically I’ll just be the book maker. There’s also a mini binder with kraft/glassine bags in between pretty papers option, may be easier to expand than a kraft bag album. I looked at Liz K’s website (she loves doing minis) and I just love the binder idea also.

What do you think?

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