She is Beautiful!


Inside and out.

Sometimes us mommies tend to see (and brag about) academic, athletic, and/or physical beauty in their children. It’s not like we’re completely superficial or overly ambitious but it’s because they’re just easier to see and society can make us that way. But while I am overly proud of Emma’s grey cells, art, gymnastics and natural physical gorgeousness (and don’t forget the silky hair), there’s one thing I am extremely proud of: Emma’s kind soul!


The other day I asked her who she played with at school. She said she played (or maybe she said hung out since playing is so 7-yrs-old, ha!) with A. I looked at her and said, “With A?” And she said, “Yes!” Of course I had to find out more and asked her why. Her answer was: Because A didn’t have anybody to play with. All the other girls were mean to her and so I played with her.

I about cried! Actually I am a bit emotional about it still. It’s so so nice to know that we’ve raised a wonderful little being! As a mom, it’s this kind of thing that makes all the effort and sacrifices worth it. Gymnastics meet and dance recitals come and go, glowing report cards will one day end, and physical beauty doesn’t last but that special kindness that M has will always be in her.

What I shared here is just one example. She does lovely kind things often.

So proud of her and I feel very blessed to be her mother!

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