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Age 3

Hi!! Been a bad… no, horrible, blogger and I really have no excuse. I could have spent the time but I didn’t. Instead I’ve been drinking tea, lattes, and gin and tonic, reading and messing about on the iPad during my spare time.

I did though scrapbook and managed a few Jovie pages. Yay me {::SMILE}. Nothing complicated. A pretty pattern paper as the base and a few bits of embellishments and a splash of ink.

Speaking of… Jovie has been doing sooooooooo well in terms of physical and mental development. She’s finally eating somewhat decently and getting noticeably bigger (although still one of the shortest in her age group), very smart and oh so cheeky. I probably should start Twittering again, “Things that Jovie Says”, so that you all can virtually hear her cheekiness because they’re all so so cute! Today her teacher told me that Jovie will be pushed encouraged to learn to read. Jovie’s phonics is quite good for her age and she’s starting to join letters together. I can’t wait to see how much she’ll pick up by the end of the school year and looking forward to reading many many books together with the girls and hubby (we’re all readers). I also think Jovie’s almost ready to go gymnastics on her own. We’ll see this coming Saturday if what I’ve been doing works. Will report back next week!

Miss M is doing superbly too. She’s in the top group in her classroom (the kids do the same topic but the higher the group, the more challenging the work is) and except for ballet, which she is quitting due to boredom after this term, is doing quite fabulously in all her after school activities.

As for me, or us, in general, we’ll be in England five more years! Yes, we will not be in the US until January of 2018!! We’re so excited about this and we look forward to not only spend more time with our British friends longer but to also travel to more European countries (and possibly northern Africa) during our stay. When we first moved here, we were traveling each time M had a school holiday (except Christmas break). But since she started doing competitive gymnastics, we had to slow our travels down a bit. It’s to the point where we don’t even go to London as often (and we used to go about once a month). So now we only go for a few days during the week after a competition weekend and maybe a couple full weeks off during the summer, summer and/or fall. While M has no dream of going to the Olympics, gymnastics is very important to her and since it is a sport where regular attendance is required to do well, we had to make compromises. 

So that’s it. Little bits of news from us.

Until next time! Ciao!!

3 thoughts on “Bits of News

  1. Glad to visit your blog again! Such a pretty layout…as always 🙂 Looks like you enjoy staying in England…so fun to be able to live in another country and learn about its culture. M and Jovie have grown so much!

  2. oh wow… 5 more years huh… I envy you lol…

    I love your sweet layout, simple and lovely… with interesting details and Love 🙂

    I have been a bad blogger too and almost hopeless at blog hopping.. well.. my iPad crashed on me after just 3 days of its warranty period (bummer).. so iPhone is a stretch when it comes to playing games… hopping to my iMac more now.. hopefully more serious work at blogging activities ;p

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