Our Little Champ


It was about 5 years ago, at the start of my blogging life, that I was moaning about how Emma didn’t want to much of anything in terms of activities. She quit ballet three times by the time she was five (or maybe even before that age). And the reason why she stayed as long as she did — 3 months — was because I made her. It’s not often that there’s a ballet school right across the street from our friend’s bar/restaurant {::SMIRK}!! She didn’t want to do piano, she didn’t want to do much at mommy and me gymnastics session or did she want to do the preschool class sans me.

At five and a half she asked to go to gymnastics again and while in doubt, I took her. Gym only lasted for six months but it wasn’t due to her lost of interest. We moved to England. After almost a year of being on a waiting list M got space and from the second I walked in, I knew I made a mistake. I felt so stupid for not trying out first, or even visiting the place. I didn’t know that there are only rec gyms in the UK. I thought all gyms are like the US.

Three gym clubs later and Emma is now a grade 14/level 5 gymnast. We’re so proud of her not only because she’s still sticking to it but for working so hard to be where she is today. She’s only started real gymnastics training in February of last year but in a year’s time she’s improved so much.

Last weekend was her first big, as in lot so of people and lots of big gyms from the southern bit of England competing, and she won herself the 3rd place sash!!

So so extra proud of her and we look forward to see what else she can do in gymnastics!

2 thoughts on “Our Little Champ

  1. She is a champ!! She is growing so fast and into her own 🙂
    I miss blog hopping. I love all cards creations. Simple and delightful. 🙂

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