Nando’s and Charcoal


Last week I decided to try Nando’s. It’s a chain BBQ chicken restaurant that a lot of people, US military people that is, seem to really like.

It was good. BUT, it wasn’t something magnificent. I mean basically, if you all know how to light a BBQ, throw a few lightly marinated chicken pieces on top of it, attempt to not burn them and later lather the well BBQ’d chicken with the Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce, you’ll get more less the same thing. So taste wise, it was an 8. If I were stuck at a train station and the options were McD or Nando’s I’d go for Nando’s. In terms of value for money, I personally don’t think it’s worth it. It’s like IHOP. I used to go there. Loved it. But once I learned that it takes 5 minutes to make a pancake batter from scratch and the pancakes taste so much better, IHOP wasn’t good anymore.

It was also last week that I realized the reason why Nando’s quite popular, and maybe more so outside the summer season, charcoal is a SEASONAL item!!

NO NO NO NO NO! BBQ-ing is good all year!!

We wanted to BBQ last week but hubby forgot to grab some charcoal from the base. So he went to three different stores and came home with: “Honey, guess what? Charcoal is a seasonal item. The people at the store thought I was crazy when I asked them where the charcoal’s at.”

So note to self: Always stock up on charcoal!

NOW, have you looked at all the pretty new releases from WPlus9? You should!! They’re all so pretty! Also, check out the sketch challenge at Card’s magazine. You can win some fab stamps! If you’re short on cash and can only buy one thing from WPlus9, the one item I simply love and use 90% of the time lately is their Oatmeal cardstock. It’s off white with light speckles. It’s so so pretty and it goes with whatever style.

Alright, I’ll be done for now. I’ll share my knitting progress next time and some other news from last month. Bye!


4 thoughts on “Nando’s and Charcoal

  1. luv the card Savitri! lol – luv your comparison’s of Nando’s – I luv BBQ – that why I bough the hubby a $500 Weber grill – in the summer – we BBQ a lot! hey – plans for Sept are under way – we need to Skype!

    C 🙂

  2. Beautiful card! I agree about Nando’s. I tried it was all, “meh”. As for BBQ- I am a Texan and it is a sacrilege to suggest that barbecuing is seasonal. Goofy Brits!

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