Sneak Peek Day 2


It’s day two and a bit sun shiny here in England. See, I am starting to be a bit more British by talking about the weather {::SMILE}. Before moving to England, I thought that maybe Agatha Christie was just trying to add more content by adding two pages of weather talk, but, people do mention the weather more often here than my friends in the US (although we did moan a lot about how cold/hot the temperature was when we were still in Missouri).

SO, inspired by the weather, I thought I’d brighten up a kraft card stock just a smidge with today’s stamp sets. Like?

I used a combination of Embroidered Bouquet and Lacey Layers for the above card. I really didn’t have a design in mind. I kind of just stamped here, adhered there and the above was born.

If you yearn for more peeks, don’t go yet! Visit the other DT’s posts and be inspired!


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