A Knitting Project


After “faffing” around (as my “lovely” friend called it) for two hours on day one, I finally got into my knitting and after the third (nonconsecutive) days (working 30 minutes a day — not to include faffing around day), I managed this much. If I keep going this rate, in two weeks I should have a fear of commitment cowl. My other knitting geek friend suggested this as my first project (due to the easiness although most likely due to my inability to finish a knitting project) and so far, it’s keeping me interested (which is a good thing since my “lovely” friend also said I have the attention span of a gnat — I disagree!).

SO, I shall finish and hopefully – don’t hold your breath though – in two weeks I will post a finished project!!

Knitting is actually quite nice. It’s a lot less messier than papercrafting and I can do it while sitting in the living room. I am though, at least for now, a grumpy knitter. Nobody can speak to me, or me replying, until after a purl one. If it’s before, or after, I get my count all messed up. I am getting better though, I can now look and see how many I did, but still, I am not in the knit and natter stage yet.

I should now log off and do a bit of (30 minutes) knitting before I start the day. Jovie is home with me today and we are going to do more phonics with Looney Toons! No, I am not a crazy overachieving mom. Jovie asked to learn how to read {::SMILE}.

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