A 10 Minute Piece

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This year will be another quick one. Without knowing it, it’s passed the middle of January!

I was supposed to post this yesterday but a very special personal event came up and I simply forgot and so if you’re a WPlus9 AND the Craft Dash fan, so sorry! I did have a different card to share but earlier today I had a little woolly get together and I crocheted the flower. A bit of glue gun, ribbon and sentiment, voila, a less than 10 minutes piece! I’ll share my other card next time I post {::SMILE}.

I hope you’re January’s been good. We’ve just been so busy that I still have a lot of things I planned on doing to do still. In the meantime, we finally had our first snow! Emma did really well at her try out for a competition too. She came second and so she has a really good chance of being picked to compete next month at Alpha Factor. I got my Project Life protectors from Amazon a couple days ago and cannot wait to put everything together from the last two weeks. I started working on my business again earlier last week and I am finally in the US tax system (again) as a small business owner. Yay! Now I just need to find insurance, publish my website and finalize my business card order. Coming along, coming along {::SMILES}.

Alrighty, more later! Until next time!!

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