Hello 2013!!

2013 goals

2012 went by way too fast! It was a fabulous year for us and while I am not always right, I feel it in my bones that 2013 will be as wonderful! I hope your 2012 wasn’t so bad and that 2013 will bring you all many many opportunities, great health and happiness!!

I am not sure why. Maybe because there will be many big milestones for the girls. Or maybe because I am hoping to actually do some work this year. But I am a bit giddy about this year!!

I feel like many great things will come our way and I look forward to each and everyday. I am feeling a bit more productive too, especially in the craft department (and no, I actually haven’t created anything, HA!). But, I am currently gathering some new stuff, Project Life goodness mostly, so that I can do a better job of capturing 2013 as they unfold and create other papercrafting projects. Very excited!!

My PL goodies have not arrived but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t start. All day today I organized this week’s (Instsagram) photos, jotted down notes of each day’s highlights, and went searching for some (free) digital stuff.

OMG, there are LOTS of free things out there and they’re all so cute!! Most of the things I downloaded came from this Pinterest board and for my list above, I chose a tag created by Kimberly Kalil. I plan on doing a combination of digital and paper products. I’ve begged a few kit clubs to add me to their list but if the club bit fails, I’ll just gather bits and pieces and do my own thing. Again, EXCITED!

That’s it for now. Can’t wait for my page Becky Higgins page protectors to arrive! Gnight!!

3 thoughts on “Hello 2013!!

  1. good luck! all these things sound doable – project life? can’t wait to see what you make – I’m coming to see you this yr! I really am – June or Sept? Photog – ooh! for me – be a better listener, work out more, craft more, spend more time doing stuff with the pup! All good things that I think I can excel … luv it!

    C 🙂

  2. love your list of 2013 goals and yes, somehow I feel that this year is going to be great too 🙂

    I am starting PL this year too 🙂 My goals, to learn to be a mum (baby’s due 23/3), be even more grateful for the little things in life, start my illustration business (cards, etc), work out more to be toned 😀 and just enjoy life!

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