Christmas Day 3 + 10 Min Craft Dash

Love Joy Hope

I can’t remember the last time I did a color challenge. Back in the days (feels like ages ago), I used to do 2-3 of them a week and it was during those times that I met most of my current blog friends. Always great fun and I am hoping to get back into it again… or at least participate in the ones that my (old) blog friends are hosting on a more regular basis.

The other day, Dawn from WPlus9, emailed us a challenge that WPlus9 is sponsoring and while I know Paulina, I have no idea about this whole Craft Dash thing. I kind of felt like a bad paper craft blogger when I emailed Dawn with this: “So I have to create something with these colors in under 10 minutes?”

Yesterday afternoon I got to working and I got a bit stumped. I wasn’t sure what that last color is. Since I didn’t have time to ask (I had to pick M up for gym), I just winged it and just to be safe, I made two. One with a craft/tan color and another with a bit of green.

Craft Dash

What do you think? And Paulina, if you are reading this, what is that color? {::SMILES}


Now, this sentence was created about 5 minutes after the above sentence. I had to look and ponder a bit and ya know, I am almost sure the color is suppose to be red, blue and craft. Ahhh… I am out of practice {::SMILES}.

Right/wrong color, I hope you like what I have to share today and believe it or not, both cards took under 10 minutes to make (although I am almost sure that both cards were created in under 12 minutes).

Do see what the other DTs created and don’t forget to comment on Dawn’s blog for a chance to win and DO participate in this really fun challenge!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Day 3 + 10 Min Craft Dash

  1. It’s been a long time since I last participated or commented in blogs too… but I do visit once in a while and read a lot at once… LOL…

    Love both your cards! If I’m up to it, I will participate in this too! 😀


  2. Savitri, you are just too funny! It’s okay you haven’t heard of my challenge– it’s still super new! 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to play along though, your style works GREAT for this challenge! You were right, it IS a kraft color, however, I can now see how it might look a little green. Oops!

    Thank you for joining along as a special guest for this challenge!

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